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Rust TextMate Bundle

A TextMate Bundle for the Rust programming langauage.

Current Features:

  • Basic Syntax Highlighting
  • Command to compile (using: rustc (cmd+shift+c)
  • Command to compile with tests (using: rustc --test (cmd+shift+a)
  • Run command. Runs compiled Rust file. If file hasn't been compiled it will compile it first. (cmd+r)
  • Code Snippets
  • Supports both .rs and .rc file formats (Rust and Rust Crates)

Future Features:

  • Improved Syntax Highlighting


  • Download either the zip or tar
  • Unzip
  • Rename SUB folder Rust_tmbundle to Rust.tmbundle
  • Double click above folder (installs in TextMate)
  • Enjoy


This bundle is licensed under the MIT License (LICENSE.txt).

Copyright (c) 2012 Tom Ellis

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