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Collection of jQuery plugins
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animateGradients Add jQuery Gradient Animations Plugin
jcountdown-ui Return to previous version
jcountdown Fixed typo in changeSettings method. Thanks to @H4ssi in #26
jselection Add start of jQuery Caret Plugin
muscle Add start of jQuery Muscle Plugin (Password Strength)
plugin-factory Add start of jQuery Plugin Factory
plugin-template Add initial templates for Simple and Advanced jQuery Plugins
qunit Update tests for jCountdown Update

jQuery Plugins

A collection of small plugins that work with jQuery 1.7+.

PLEASE NOTE: jCountdown - jQuery Countdown Plugin (Has been moved to

Current Plugins:

  • jQuery Gradient Animations - jQuery CSS3 Gradient Animations Plugin Project Page

  • jCookie - jQuery Cookie Plugin Project Page


These plugins are licensed under the MIT License (LICENSE.txt).

Copyright (c) 2013 Tom Ellis

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