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Userscripts for enhancing Flickr.
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Flickr Greasemonkey

Userscripts to enhance Flickr.


  1. Install Greasemonkey
  2. Visit the add-on page for whichever script you want.
  3. Hit Install Add-on Pages


Non-reciprocal Contacts Finder

Flickr used to have a Contacts List feature which displayed a list of members who had not added you back. This view was removed after public beta testing because it caused "drama". For those of us who are adults, however, seeing this information is useful because the site enforces a limit of 2,000 non-reciprocal contacts after which you cannot add more. The non-reciprocal contacts finder will highlight in red those contacts who have not reciprocated, allowing you to prune your list should you ever hit the 2K contact limit.

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