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SonarQube plugin for Slack notifications
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A SonarQube plugin to send notifications to a Slack channel.

Plugin Build & Installation

Build the plugin with mvn clean package. The resulting jar file (in the target directory) must be copied to the SONAR_HOME/extensions/plugins folder and SonarQube must be restarted. (SONAR_HOME on OSX and Linux is likely /opt/sonar)

Tested for sonarqube 5.6

The plugin requires Java 1.8

Plugin Configuration

After you have restarted SonarQube, you can configure the Slack plugin settings either globally or for a project. If you set a global configuration, the settings will become the defaults for all projects. You can override the global settings in each project.

The Slack plugin settings can be configured on the Administration page.

Enabled - When set to false, Slack notifications will not be sent.

Slack Channel - The #channel or @user to which the Slack notification will be sent. Channel names must be prefixed with # and user names must be prefixed with @.

Slack Handle - The handle from which the Slack notifications will be sent. Defaults to SonarQube. But get creative :-)

Slack Hook - The Slack webhook used to send notifications. For more info, please take a look @

Notification Message - The template for the Slack notification. The following variables will be replaced by their values in your message:

Variable Description
$name Project Name
$date Analysis Date
$new Number of new issues
$resolved Number of resolved issues
$total Total number of issues
$newBlockers Number of new Blockers
$blockers Total number of Blockers
$newCritical Number of new Critical issues
$critical Total number of Critical issues
$newMajor Number of new Major issues
$major Total number of Major issues
$newMinor Number of new Minor issues
$minor Total number of Minor issues
$newInfo Number of new Info issues
$info Total number of Info issues
$newCodeSmells Number of new Code Smells
$codeSmells Total number of Code Smells
$nl newline


Inspired by


While the plugin currently works just fine, it is built using classes and methods that have been deprecated in the 5.6 version of the API. This will need updating . . .

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