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// NotationSyncServiceManager.m
// Notation
// Created by Zachary Schneirov on 12/10/09.
/*Copyright (c) 2010, Zachary Schneirov. All rights reserved.
Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted
provided that the following conditions are met:
- Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions
and the following disclaimer.
- Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of
conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with
the distribution.
- Neither the name of Notational Velocity nor the names of its contributors may be used to endorse
or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission. */
#import "NotationSyncServiceManager.h"
#import "SyncServiceSessionProtocol.h"
#import "SyncSessionController.h"
#import "NotationPrefs.h"
@implementation NotationController (NotationSyncServiceManager)
- (NSDictionary*)invertedDictionaryOfEntries:(NSArray*)entries keyedBy:(NSString*)keyName {
NSUInteger i = 0;
NSMutableDictionary *dict = [NSMutableDictionary dictionaryWithCapacity:[entries count]];
for (i=0; i<[entries count]; i++) {
NSDictionary *entry = [entries objectAtIndex:i];
NSString *keyForService = [entry objectForKey:keyName];
if (keyForService) {
[dict setObject:entry forKey:keyForService];
} else {
NSLog(@"service key for %@ does not exist", entry);
return dict;
- (NSDictionary*)invertedDictionaryOfNotes:(NSArray*)someNotes forSession:(id<SyncServiceSession>)aSession {
NSUInteger i = 0;
NSMutableDictionary *dict = [NSMutableDictionary dictionaryWithCapacity:[someNotes count]];
NSString *keyElement = [[aSession class] nameOfKeyElement];
NSString *serviceName = [[aSession class] serviceName];
for (i=0; i<[someNotes count]; i++) {
NoteObject *note = [someNotes objectAtIndex:i];
NSDictionary *serviceDict = [[note syncServicesMD] objectForKey:serviceName];
if (serviceDict) {
[dict setObject:note forKey:[serviceDict objectForKey:keyElement]];
} else {
//NSLog(@"service key for %@ does not exist", note);
return dict;
- (NoteObject*)noteForKey:(NSString*)key ofServiceClass:(Class<SyncServiceSession>)serviceClass {
NSUInteger i = 0;
for (i=0; i<[allNotes count]; i++) {
NoteObject *note = [allNotes objectAtIndex:i];
if ([[[[note syncServicesMD] objectForKey:[serviceClass serviceName]]
objectForKey:[serviceClass nameOfKeyElement]] isEqualToString:key])
return note;
return nil;
- (void)startSyncServices {
[syncSessionController setSyncDelegate:self];
[syncSessionController initializeAllServices];
- (void)stopSyncServices {
[NSObject cancelPreviousPerformRequestsWithTarget:syncSessionController];
[syncSessionController unregisterPowerChangeCallback];
[syncSessionController invalidateAllServices];
[syncSessionController setSyncDelegate:nil];
- (void)syncSessionProgressStarted:(id <SyncServiceSession>)syncSession {
//set sync pulldown menu status icon
[syncSessionController queueStatusNotification];
//[delegate syncStatusShouldUpdateToShowProgress:YES error:NO];
- (void)syncSession:(id <SyncServiceSession>)syncSession receivedFullNoteList:(NSArray*)allEntries {
[self makeNotesMatchList:allEntries fromSyncSession:syncSession];
- (void)syncSession:(id <SyncServiceSession>)syncSession receivedAddedNotes:(NSArray*)addedNotes {
//insert these notes into the list
//no need to "reveal" them to the user
[syncSession suppressPushingForNotes:addedNotes];
[self addNotesFromSync:addedNotes];
[syncSession stopSuppressingPushingForNotes:addedNotes];
- (void)syncSession:(id <SyncServiceSession>)syncSession didModifyNotes:(NSArray*)changedNotes {
//update the list of notes and the views as necessary
notesChanged = YES;
NSUInteger i = 0;
for (i = 0; i<[changedNotes count]; i++) {
[delegate contentsUpdatedForNote:[changedNotes objectAtIndex:i]];
[self resortAllNotes];
[self refilterNotes];
- (void)syncSessionDidFinishRemoteModifications:(id <SyncServiceSession>)syncSession {
//cleanup operations
//we can examine the list of deleted notes in case the syncSession
//removed any service-specific metadata in entryDeleterDidFinish:
[self _purgeAlreadyDistributedDeletedNotes];
- (void)makeNotesMatchList:(NSArray*)MDEntries fromSyncSession:(id <SyncServiceSession>)syncSession {
NSString *keyName = [[syncSession class] nameOfKeyElement];
NSString *serviceName = [[syncSession class] serviceName];
NSUInteger i = 0;
NSDictionary *remoteDict = [self invertedDictionaryOfEntries:MDEntries keyedBy:keyName];
//NSLog(@"%s: got inverted dict of entries: %@", _cmd, remoteDict);
//*** get the notes that don't yet exist on the server (added locally)
// (if no already-synced notes exist, merge by default, and assume user was already given the chance to start fresh w/ a new DB if accounts were being changed)
//*** get the notes that need to be sent to the server (changed-locally/already-synced); compare mod-dates
//### get a list of changed notes that are on the server (changed remotely)
//### get a list of previously-synced notes that need to be deleted locally because they no longer exist on the server, or have deleted=1 (removed remotely)
NSMutableArray *locallyAddedNotes = [NSMutableArray array];
NSMutableArray *locallyChangedNotes = [NSMutableArray array];
NSMutableArray *remotelyChangedNotes = [NSMutableArray array];
NSMutableArray *remotelyDeletedNotes = [NSMutableArray array];
NSMutableArray *remotelyMissingNotes = [NSMutableArray array];
for (i=0; i<[allNotes count]; i++) {
id <SynchronizedNote>note = [allNotes objectAtIndex:i];
NSDictionary *thisServiceInfo = [[note syncServicesMD] objectForKey:serviceName];
if (thisServiceInfo) {
//get corresponding note on server
NSDictionary *remoteInfo = [remoteDict objectForKey:[thisServiceInfo objectForKey:keyName]];
if (remoteInfo) {
//this note already exists on the server -- check for modifications from either direction
NSComparisonResult changeDiff = [syncSession localEntry:thisServiceInfo compareToRemoteEntry:remoteInfo];
if (![syncSession remoteEntryWasMarkedDeleted:remoteInfo]) {
if (changeDiff == NSOrderedDescending) {
//this note is newer than its counterpart on the server; it should be uploaded eventually
//this would happen because another client set an older modification date when updating OR
//we set its syncServicesMD modification date manually because the note changed and is now actually newer
//XXX need to verify GMT conversions XXX
[locallyChangedNotes addObject:note];
} else if (changeDiff == NSOrderedAscending) {
[remotelyChangedNotes addObject:note];
} else {
//if the note is considered unchanged, still give the sync service an
//opportunity to update metadata/tags with info returned by the list
[syncSession applyMetadataUpdatesToNote:note localEntry:thisServiceInfo remoteEntry:remoteInfo];
} else if (changeDiff != NSOrderedDescending) {
//nah ah ah, a delete should not stick if local mod time is newer! otherwise local changes will be lost
//this note was marked deleted on the server and will soon be removed by the iPhone app; we can safely remote it -- RIGHT?
[remotelyDeletedNotes addObject:note];
} else {
//undoing delete of this entry because it was subsequently updated locally;
//this happens naturally when one-way pushing, so a full sync should be consistent with that behavior
[locallyChangedNotes addObject:note];
} else {
//this note _was_ synced, but is no longer on the server; it was _probably_ deleted--that or simplenote is glitching
//if all notes end up here, pass control to -handleSyncingWithAllMissingAndRemoteNoteCount:fromSession:
[remotelyMissingNotes addObject:note];
} else {
//this note was not synced (or it's intended to be merged), so prepare it for uploading
[locallyAddedNotes addObject:note];
//*** get the notes that need to be deleted from the server (deletedNotes set) (removed-locally/already-synced)
NSMutableArray *locallyDeletedNotes = [NSMutableArray arrayWithCapacity:[deletedNotes count]];
NSArray *deletedNotesArray = [deletedNotes allObjects];
for (i=0; i<[deletedNotesArray count]; i++) {
id <SynchronizedNote>note = [deletedNotesArray objectAtIndex:i];
NSDictionary *thisServiceInfo = [[note syncServicesMD] objectForKey:serviceName];
if (thisServiceInfo) {
//find deleted notes of which this service hasn't yet been notified (e.g., deleted notes that still have an entry for this service)
//but if a note has been modified remotely, will we delete it and then redownload it?
[locallyDeletedNotes addObject:note];
//### get a list of new notes on the server (added remotely)
NSMutableArray *remotelyAddedEntries = [NSMutableArray array];
NSDictionary *localNotesDict = [self invertedDictionaryOfNotes:allNotes forSession:syncSession];
NSDictionary *localDeletedNotesDict = [self invertedDictionaryOfNotes:locallyDeletedNotes forSession:syncSession];
for (i=0; i<[MDEntries count]; i++) {
NSDictionary *remoteEntry = [MDEntries objectAtIndex:i];
//a note with this sync-key for this service does not exist
NSString *remoteKey = [remoteEntry objectForKey:keyName];
if ([remoteKey length]) {
//can't find the note in allNotes; it might be new!
if (![localNotesDict objectForKey:remoteKey]) {
if (![syncSession remoteEntryWasMarkedDeleted:remoteEntry]) {
//check if a remote note doesn't exist in allNotes, and guard against
//the note being removed before the delete op could be pushed
//however if remoteEntry is _newer_ than the note in localDeletedNotesDict, then it should undo the deletion locally
//by allowing the entry to be added to remotelyAddedEntries and short-circuiting remote removal of the deleted note
id <SynchronizedNote> ldn = [localDeletedNotesDict objectForKey:remoteKey];
if (ldn && [syncSession localEntry:[[ldn syncServicesMD] objectForKey:serviceName] compareToRemoteEntry:remoteEntry] == NSOrderedAscending) {
//NSLog(@"%@ was modified on the server after being deleted locally; restoring it", remoteEntry);
//don't delete this note on the server, and anonymize its metadata to allow it to be purged
[locallyDeletedNotes removeObject:ldn];
[ldn removeAllSyncMDForService:serviceName];
notesChanged = YES;
} else if (ldn) {
//NSLog(@"%@ was modified locally and subsequently deleted locally, or simply deleted locally, so not adding to remotelyAddedEntries", remoteEntry);
[remotelyAddedEntries addObject:remoteEntry];
} else {
//look! it's a note that was remotely added and then remotely deleted before we ever had a chance to sync!
//if we were the ones who deleted it, then it could still exist in deletedNotes set, but that's just to notify other services
} else {
NSLog(@"Hmm! remote entry %@ has no key", remoteEntry);
//show this only if there is no evidence of these notes ever being on the server (all remotely removed with none manually deleted)
if ([remotelyMissingNotes count] && [allNotes count] == ([remotelyMissingNotes count] + [locallyAddedNotes count])) {
if ([self handleSyncingWithAllMissingAndRemoteNoteCount:[remotelyAddedEntries count] fromSession:syncSession]) {
goto ended;
NSArray *mergeNotes = nil;
//follow the user's previous wishes to merge:, either from a previous invocation of handleSyncingWithAllMissingAndRemoteNoteCount: or from the alert below
BOOL wasToldToMerge = [notationPrefs syncNotesShouldMergeForServiceName:serviceName];
//if this is a first sync or merge of this database with this service account,
//then download remotelyAddedEntries first so that duplicates can be merged with locallyAddedNotes
//only those locallyAddedNotes with unique combinedContent strings will be uploaded
//this occurs via startCollectingAddedNotesWithEntries:mergingWithNotes:
if ([locallyAddedNotes count] && ([locallyAddedNotes count] == [allNotes count] || wasToldToMerge)) {
if ([allNotes count] > 1 && !wasToldToMerge) {
if (NSRunAlertPanel([NSString stringWithFormat:NSLocalizedString(@"Add %u existing notes in the database to %@?", nil),
[allNotes count], [[syncSession class] localizedServiceTitle]],
NSLocalizedString(@"Notes will be merged, omitting entries duplicated on the server.", nil),
NSLocalizedString(@"Add Notes", nil), NSLocalizedString(@"Turn Off Syncing", nil), nil) == NSAlertAlternateReturn) {
[syncSessionController disableService:serviceName];
goto ended;
} else {
//remember that we have to merge them for next time in case sync is cancelled; do not remember "automatic" merges
[notationPrefs setSyncShouldMerge:YES inCurrentAccountForService:serviceName];
if (wasToldToMerge) NSLog(@"continuing previous merge");
mergeNotes = locallyAddedNotes;
} else if (![locallyAddedNotes count]) {
//once all the locally-added notes have been taken care of, future syncs should not continue to merge
[notationPrefs setSyncShouldMerge:NO inCurrentAccountForService:serviceName];
if ([locallyAddedNotes count] || [locallyChangedNotes count] || [locallyDeletedNotes count] || [mergeNotes count] ||
[remotelyAddedEntries count] || [remotelyChangedNotes count] || [remotelyDeletedNotes count] || [remotelyMissingNotes count]) {
NSLog(@"local: %u added, %u changed, %u deleted, %u to merge",
[locallyAddedNotes count], [locallyChangedNotes count], [locallyDeletedNotes count], [mergeNotes count]);
NSLog(@"remote: %u added, %u changed, %u deleted, %u missing",
[remotelyAddedEntries count], [remotelyChangedNotes count], [remotelyDeletedNotes count], [remotelyMissingNotes count]);
//POST these entries to the server, with the assumption that the dates in syncServiceMD are set already
//postpone this if we have notes to merge (and there are locally added entries to trigger that merge by DLing)
if (!([mergeNotes count] && [remotelyAddedEntries count]))
[syncSession startCreatingNotes:locallyAddedNotes];
NSLog(@"not creating notes because %u mergenotes exist", [mergeNotes count]);
[syncSession startModifyingNotes:locallyChangedNotes];
//upon success, make sure that in deletedNotes set this syncService-dict is removed
[syncSession startDeletingNotes:locallyDeletedNotes];
//collect these entries from server and add/modify the existing notes with the results
[syncSession startCollectingAddedNotesWithEntries:remotelyAddedEntries mergingWithNotes:mergeNotes];
[syncSession startCollectingChangedNotesWithEntries:remotelyChangedNotes];
//remotelyMissing and remotelyDeleted should be removed from the DB; we must remove syncMD to ensure note is not repeatedly-deleted
//for remotelyMissing, remove syncService-dict before registering w/undo handler to force re-creation in case of undo
[remotelyMissingNotes makeObjectsPerformSelector:@selector(removeAllSyncMDForService:) withObject:serviceName];
NSMutableArray *remotelyMissingAndDeletedNotes = [[remotelyMissingNotes mutableCopy] autorelease];
[remotelyMissingAndDeletedNotes addObjectsFromArray:remotelyDeletedNotes];
[syncSession suppressPushingForNotes:remotelyMissingAndDeletedNotes];
if ([remotelyMissingAndDeletedNotes count]) [self removeNotes:remotelyMissingAndDeletedNotes];
[syncSession stopSuppressingPushingForNotes:remotelyMissingAndDeletedNotes];
//for remotelyDeletedNotes, also remove syncMD from deletedNotes, but leave syncMD will be left in the undo-registered notes
[self removeSyncMDFromDeletedNotesInSet:[NSSet setWithArray:remotelyDeletedNotes] forService:serviceName];
//we might not be continuing with the sync, in which case we wouldn't get a 'stop' message
//so do things conditionally that otherwise might have been done when stopping
[syncSessionController performSelector:@selector(invokeUncommmitedWaitCallbackIfNecessaryReturningError:) withObject:nil afterDelay:0];
[syncSessionController queueStatusNotification];
- (void)syncSession:(id <SyncServiceSession>)syncSession didStopWithError:(NSString*)errString {
[syncSessionController performSelector:@selector(invokeUncommmitedWaitCallbackIfNecessaryReturningError:) withObject:errString afterDelay:0];
//if there was an error, the session would remember it and the sessioncontroller would report it when building the status menu
[syncSessionController queueStatusNotification];
- (void)schedulePushToAllSyncServicesForNote:(id <SynchronizedNote>)aNote {
[syncSessionController schedulePushToAllInitializedSessionsForNote:aNote];
- (void)syncSettingsChangedForService:(NSString*)serviceName {
//reset credentials
[syncSessionController invalidateSyncService:serviceName];
//reset timer and prepare for the next sync
[NSObject cancelPreviousPerformRequestsWithTarget:syncSessionController selector:@selector(initializeService:) object:serviceName];
[syncSessionController performSelector:@selector(initializeService:) withObject:serviceName afterDelay:2];
- (BOOL)handleSyncingWithAllMissingAndRemoteNoteCount:(NSUInteger)foundNotes fromSession:(id <SyncServiceSession>)aSession {
if ([allNotes count] < 2) {
//this would be a nuisance
return NO;
NSString *serviceTitle = [[aSession class] localizedServiceTitle];
NSString *serviceName = [[aSession class] serviceName];
//before we make any changes on either side, check to see if this is the all-new/all-missing case (e.g., different account or terrible server crash)
//give the user a chance to force a merge, replace the notes, or disable syncing
//if the first, cancel this sync, remove all metadata for this service, and restart sync
//if foundNotes == 0, use a slightly different message -- maybe
NSInteger res = NSAlertDefaultReturn;
if (!foundNotes) {
res = NSRunCriticalAlertPanel([NSString stringWithFormat:NSLocalizedString(@"The %@ server reports that no notes exist. Delete all %u notes in Notational Velocity to match it, or re-upload them now?", nil), serviceTitle, [allNotes count]],
[NSString stringWithFormat:NSLocalizedString(@"If your %@ account is different, you may prefer to create a new database in Notational Velocity instead.", nil), serviceTitle],
[NSString stringWithFormat:NSLocalizedString(@"Turn Off Syncing", nil), serviceTitle],
NSLocalizedString(@"Re-upload Notes", @"dialog button for uploading local notes when none exist remotely"),
NSLocalizedString(@"Remove All Notes", @"dialog button for deleting all notes when none exist remotely"));
} else {
res = NSRunCriticalAlertPanel([NSString stringWithFormat:NSLocalizedString(@"The %@ server holds a different set of notes. Replace all %u notes in Notational Velocity with the %u notes on the server, or merge both sets together?", nil),
serviceTitle, [allNotes count], foundNotes],
[NSString stringWithFormat:NSLocalizedString(@"Replacing will remove all %u notes from Notational Velocity. Merging will upload all notes to %@, omitting duplicates.", nil),
[allNotes count], serviceTitle],
[NSString stringWithFormat:NSLocalizedString(@"Turn Off Syncing", nil), serviceTitle],
NSLocalizedString(@"Merge Notes", @"dialog button for uploading local notes"),
NSLocalizedString(@"Replace All Notes", @"dialog button for deleting all notes"));
switch (res) {
case NSAlertDefaultReturn:
[syncSessionController disableService:serviceName];
return YES;
case NSAlertAlternateReturn: //merge notes
[undoManager removeAllActions];
//remove sync metadata and restart sync
[aSession stop];
[allNotes makeObjectsPerformSelector:@selector(removeAllSyncMDForService:) withObject:serviceName];
[notationPrefs setSyncShouldMerge:YES inCurrentAccountForService:serviceName];
notesChanged = YES;
[(id)aSession performSelector:@selector(startFetchingListForFullSyncManual) withObject:nil afterDelay:0.0];
return YES;
case NSAlertOtherReturn: //replace notes
//undoing past this point can create much confusion for the user
[undoManager removeAllActions];
[notationPrefs setSyncShouldMerge:NO inCurrentAccountForService:serviceName];
//continue along down your potentially dangerous path
NSLog(@"User agreed to replace all notes with those from the server");
return NO;
NSLog(@"%s: unhandled case (res: %d)!", _cmd, res);
return YES;