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Rewrite of plot.qcc() from the qcc package using ggplot2 and grid. After sourcing this file, when calling qcc() with plot = TRUE (the default), this version of plot.qcc() will automatically be used.

Provides a complete, seamless replacement for qcc's plot function. Nearly all of qcc's original plotting functionality has been implemented through ggplot2 and grid rather than base graphics.


Load library qcc with library(qcc) or require(qcc), then source() the file qcc.plot.R. The qcc-native plotting function will be replaced in memory, and any future calls during the current session to plot() with a qcc object will utilize this function, including those calls from within qcc(). The resulting object can be re-used and modified within grid graphics.

plot.qcc() will require that the libraries ggplot2, grid and gtable be installed and available.

To Do

  • Add back in the ability to control axis text orientation, using axes.las.
  • Clean up the layout of the stats panel, especially when resizing to larger plot dimensions.
  • Clean up x-axis tick labels to avoid overplotting.
  • Add back in the ability to plot user-defined x-axis tick labels, instead of the default index number.


v 1.0 2014-03-03

First release.

v 1.0.1 2016-01-12

  • Update for ggplot2 v2.0 compatibility. May now break on older versions of ggplot2

v 1.0.2 2016-01-18

  • Bug fix: add in ability to specify x-axis labels (allowed in qcc; previously unsupported in qcc_ggplot)

v 1.0.3 2016-08-26

  • Backend cleanup. Assignment of df.indices in data frame was scoped incorrectly,

v 1.0.5 2016-11-12

  • Fixed problem with adding new data; qcc() calls with newdata= argument set should work correctly.
  • Fixed backwards compatibility problem with label.limits. Will now accept any text or numeric labels for UCL and LCL labels.
  • Added argument to allow manual setting of center line label
  • Fixed incorrect UCL, LCL and CL labels showing in plot info box when label.limits or was set; not correctly shows the actual calculated values.

v 1.0.6 2017-12-28

  • Fixed problem with added labels causing an error in ggplot2 code.


Rewrite of plot.qcc (from the qcc package) using ggplot and grid.




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