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A lightweight job tracker for Slurm scheduler
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A lightweight job tracker for the Slurm scheduler


Create a file in the root of the project, like this:


export MCKENZIE_ENDPOINT=localhost:5002

Then run python src/, and go to http://localhost:5002/ to monitor your jobs.

Example usage

Set up the hook within your job script:


Use McKenzie error trapping:

source /mnt/ext/phd/mckenzie/scripts/

Create a new job:

${MCKENZIE_HOOK} -a 1 -i $jobId -n $jobName

Set the status to 'warmup' and send the job config file to McKenzie:

${MCKENZIE_HOOK} -s warmup -c $1

Set the status to 'running' before starting the job, then 'complete' once it's done:

${MCKENZIE_HOOK} -s running
# the job
${MCKENZIE_HOOK} -s complete

To update McKenzie from within a running job, look at the example code in ./lib/


  • Capture cancels for jobs that aren't running yet
  • Capture output files
  • Easy access to slurm logs
  • Pivot tables for hparams
  • Custom list orders/filters
  • Detail view
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