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Robot Framework Intellisense

A Visual Studio Code extension that supports Robot Framework development.


Syntax highlighting

  • Supports .robot and .resource files
  • Can be added for .txt files using the files.associations setting:
"files.associations": {
    "*.txt": "robot"

Goto definition

  • For variables
  • For user keywords
  • F12 on Mac, Linux and Windows

Find all references

  • For user keywords
  • ⇧F12 on Mac, Shift+F12 on Linux and Windows

List file symbols

  • Shows variables, keywords and test cases
  • ⇧⌘O on Mac, Ctrl+Shift+O on Linux and Windows

List workspace symbols

  • Shows variables, keywords and test cases
  • ⌘T on Mac, Ctrl+T on Linux and Windows

Highlight All Occurrences of a Symbol in a Document

  • Highlights all occurrences of a variable, keyword or setting
  • Move the cursor to a variable, keyword or setting

Show Code Completion Proposals

  • Suggests user keywords and variables
  • ⌃Space on Mac, Ctrl+Space on Linux and Windows

Code Completion for Standard Library Keywords

  • Code completion for keywords in the standard libraries, like BuiltIn and String
  • Requires configuration for which libraries are suggested with rfLanguageServer.libraries setting. E.g.
"rfLanguageServer.libraries": [
  • See a list of all available libraries here

Code Completion for Any 3rd Party Library

Support for python keywords

  • Keywords defined in .py files are also included
  • Requires that the .py files are included with rfLanguageServer.includePaths setting. E.g.
"rfLanguageServer.includePaths": [


By default all .robot and .resource files are parsed. This can be configured using parameters. (see Code > Preferences > Workspace Settings).

param description
rfLanguageServer.includePaths Array of glob patterns for files to be included`
rfLanguageServer.excludePaths Array of glob patterns for files to be excluded
rfLanguageServer.logLevel What information of the language server is logged in the Output. Possible values off, errors, info, debug
rfLanguageServer.trace.server what information of the communication between VSCode and the rfLanguageServer is logged to the Output. Possible values off, messages, verbose
rfLanguageServer.libraries What libraries' keywords are suggested with code completion. Can be a name of a standard library (see Supported standard libraries) or a library definition (see defining 3rd party libraries) or a combination of them.

The includePaths and excludePaths properties take a list of glob-like file patterns. Even though any files can be matched this way, only files with supported extensions are included (i.e. .robot, .resource, .txt, and .py).

If the includePaths is left unspecified, the parser defaults to including all .robot and .resource files in the containing directory and subdirectories except those excluded using the excludePaths property.

Supported standard libraries

  • BuiltIn-2.7.7
  • BuiltIn-2.8.7
  • BuiltIn-2.9.2
  • BuiltIn-3.0.4
  • Collections-2.7.7
  • Collections-2.8.7
  • Collections-2.9.2
  • Collections-3.0.4
  • DateTime-2.8.7
  • DateTime-2.9.2
  • DateTime-3.0.4
  • Dialogs-2.7.7
  • Dialogs-2.8.7
  • Dialogs-2.9.2
  • Dialogs-3.0.4
  • OperatingSystem-2.7.7
  • OperatingSystem-2.8.7
  • OperatingSystem-2.9.2
  • OperatingSystem-3.0.4
  • Process-2.8.7
  • Process-2.9.2
  • Process-3.0.4
  • Screenshot-2.7.7
  • Screenshot-2.8.7
  • Screenshot-2.9.2
  • Screenshot-3.0.4
  • Selenium2Library-1.8.0
  • Selenium2Library-3.0.0
  • SeleniumLibrary-3.2.0
  • String-2.7.7
  • String-2.8.7
  • String-2.9.2
  • String-3.0.4
  • Telnet-2.7.7
  • Telnet-2.8.7
  • Telnet-2.9.2
  • Telnet-3.0.4
  • XML-2.8.7
  • XML-2.9.2
  • XML-3.0.4

Defining 3rd party libraries

3rd party libraries can be defined inline in the rfLanguageServer.libraries configuration block. For example:

"rfLanguageServer.libraries": [
    "name": "MyLibrary",
    "version": "1.0.0",
    "keywords": [
      { "name": "My Keyword 1", "args": ["arg1"], "doc": "documentation" },
      { "name": "My Keyword 2", "args": [],       "doc": "documentation" }

Known issues

Can be found here


Can be found here.


Report them here.


All contributions are welcomed! Please see the contributing guide for more details.




This project is a grateful recipient of the Futurice Open Source sponsorship program. ♥

Syntax highlighting grammar is built on top of work by Jussi Malinen.