Tomighty for macOS
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Tomighty for Mac

Available for download at

This repository contains the source code for the native OSX version of Tomighty. If you are looking for the source code of the multiplatform (Java) version, go to


Development Workflow

We follow the development model presented by Vincent Driessen:


For development related discussions, please subscribe to:!forum/tomighty-developers


Tomighty for Mac is licensed under the terms of the Apache License 2.0. Read it here:


Thank you to all the contributors to Tomighty OSX:

  • Célio Cidral Jr. (@ccidral)
  • Jindřich Doležy (@dzindra)
  • Luke Wong (@hausofwong)
  • Matthew Andersen (@mattandersen)
  • Devon Tucker (@dvntucker)
  • Misha Tavkhelidze (@mtavkhelidze)

Please let us know if you feel your name is missing from this list (and feel free to update it with your PRs).