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Tomighty is...

A desktop timer app that helps you apply the Pomodoro Technique. It's written in Java and designed to be simple, easy to use and unintrusive.

Know more about it at

The source code of the Mac version is at


This branch contains the old source code written in Java which is being discontinued. The project is being rewritten from scratch in C++ on top of Qt 5. See the develop branch for more information.


Regardless of your operating system, you must have the following things installed on it and included in your path:

  • JRE 1.5 or greater
  • Maven 2.x or greater
  • Git

Under Windows platform you also must have:

  • NSIS 2.x or greater

Open a system shell and check out the sources into some directory. Then cd into that directory and type:

mvn clean package

The resulting built artifacts will be located under the target directory. That's it.