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Docker + wordpress + phpmyadmin

Description of the installation and use of Docker and Docker Compose to create a temporary environment for creating a new theme. The environment will consist of wordpress 4.9.8 + phpmyadmin + mysql 5.7

Build the application

Install the Docker manual can be found here -> Docker. Linux users must also install Docker Compose separately.

Use Git

git clone

or ...

  1. Download package file:
  2. Extract it to your project directory.

How to start the process of building the environment

In the created docker-wordpress folder there is docker-compose.yml Start the console and ...

$ docker-compose up 

All dependencies will be downloaded - mysql: 5.7, latest phpmyadmin and wordpress 4.9.8

How to watch the generated production?

phpMyAdmin is located under http://localhost:8080 and wordpress http://localhost