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The software that currently powers Django-based, and rather messy.
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README.markdown is normally powered by a hand-rolled CMS built with whatever bit of technology I happen to be playing with at the time. This month, it's built on Django, and I call this project cougar, for no real reason.

It's got multiple page types, so I can store my blog posts, code documentation, photos and external links in a single web application. All pages share a common tag cloud and you can get a view of all pages with a particular tag easily. Any of my pages can have thumbnail images, preview images, external links and uploaded files associated with them, and visitors can comment on any page on the site (this last one comes and goes according to whim and short-term philosophy).

The part I'm most proud of, however, is the photo and link syndication. Rather than put the photos into itself, I use flickr and delicious to store photos and links, and periodically sync this data into I get all the benefits of using both flickr and delicious - powerful client tools, slick web interfaces, the social aspects - but also maintain a one-stop site that contains every piece of data I produce. I also sync the tags and comments from these sites, so my flickr tag cloud contributes to the tag cloud.

I also syndicate my twitter, upcoming and Dopplr events into a lifestream page, where hopefully you can see everything I do on the internet.

Alas, the source code to this site is not properly released - I have neither the time nor the inclination to give it the level of flexibility it would need for other people to use it. Get Rails or Django and write one yourself - it's very easy. But if you really want the code, it's available in github. My syndication utilities are part of this project. Again, these are very specific to my install, and will require considerable tweaking to work for you.

I might provide help on installing cougar in your particular system, and I might accept patches that improve it, but I'm a fickle person, and will have changed CMS systems again in 6 months, so don't expect a formally maintained release any time soon..

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