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DjangoKit is a framework that will take a Django application, and turn it into a stand-alone MacOS application with a local database and media files. It's more of a thought experiment than an effort at producing a real application, but there are a couple of simple examples and the source code is available for download from my subversion repository. There are also downloadable binaries below.

DjangoKit depends on Django and PyObjC, so first install them, then install DjangoKit the usual way:

python install

Currently your app will need a fairly specific folder layout to work, use the layout in the examples as a base. Copy a file from the TODO example and modify it to suit your app, then run

python syncdb
python py2app

This should produce a stand-alone .app in the local /dist directory. For development, try

python py2app -A

Which will produce a development-only app that symlinks your app into it, so you can continue to edit the source files without having to rebuild the app every time you save. You can even edit the templates while the app is still running and see changes.