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Hungarian JavaScript Chess Engine
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tomitankChess is Hungarian (pure) JavaScript Chess Engine

  • tomitankChess 2.0 was the first full BitBoard JavaScript chess engine on the World!
  • Why pure? Because it is No Emscripten (unlike stockfish-js), so the code is readable.
  • Pure JavaScript ~5X slower than "C" language, and ~2.5 slower than Emscripten JavaScript.
  • The Engine is running in your browser and with UCI GUI (eg: Arena) as well.


  • tomitankChess (with node.js) run in Arena, in WinBoard and in Cutechess as well.

  • Example for Arena GUI with node.js

    • Command line: direct acces to node.exe (C:\Program Files\nodejs\node.exe)
    • Command line parameters: direct acces to tomitankChess.js (C:\Program Files\nodejs\tomitankChessUCI.js)
  • Web browser: tomitankChess runing with and without WebWorker as well. (Recommended: WebWorker)

    • Input (standard UCI commands) to the engine is posted as a message to the worker. Example:
    • var tomitankChess = new Worker('tomitankChess.js');
    • tomitankChess.postMessage('ucinewgame');
    • tomitankChess.postMessage('go depth 12');
  • JSUCI:

Estimated level (CCRL 40/40):

  • 3.0: ~2780 elo (Strongest JavaScript Chess Engine /2019.01.14/)
  • 2.1: ~2660 elo (Strongest JavaScript Chess Engine /2018.11.26/)
  • 2.0: ~2660 elo (Strongest JavaScript Chess Engine /2018.07.11/)
  • 1.5: ~2590 elo (Strongest JavaScript Chess Engine /2017.12.03/)
  • 1.4: ~2550 elo (Strongest JavaScript Chess Engine /2017.09.30/)
  • Click here to see all CCRL 40/40 results of tomitankChess



Have fun with tomitankChess!

Tamás Kuzmics

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