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This allows VVV to provision a site for WordPress.com VIP development. It uses the new VVV 2 provisioning system, and implements the steps described on the VIP site here.

We don't maintain the MU plugins or VIP codebase, for issues, please refer to the VIP MU plugins repository or VIP support


To use this, modify your vvv-custom.yml to add the following:

    repo: https://github.com/tomjn/VIP-VVV.git
      - vip.local
      - yoursite.vip.local

Then run:

vagrant reload --provision

A subdomain multisite install will be created, using the first host specified. VVV will clone this repository on provision and install all the relevant things.

I don't have a vvv-custom.yml?

You can create this with a copy vvv-config.yml

Will this work in VVV 1?

Maybe, but it's not supported, use VVV 2

Starter Themes

In addition to all the things that come with VVV, and the shared VIP code/plugins, this adds several other items that may aid VIP development:

  • Minimum Viable VIP - The smallest possible theme that passes VIP code review. It provides a 404 page, a main file, and includes the needed headers, but nothing else.
  • _s - A copy of underscores, a popular starter theme
  • Query Monitor - A super useful debugging plugin