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Block Comments Prototype

This plugin swaps out the comment form for a block editor based input! It has no settings, and it does whitelist the blocks to a small subset of text based and embed blocks.

This repository also contains helper methods for swapping input and textarea elements with block based editors.

This will function with the built in block editor, but for optimal results please install and activate the Gutenberg editor.

This plugin doesn't provide a block sidebar panel.

Known Issues

  • Theme styling can interrupt the block editor UX. Improvements to this plugins stylesheet, and to the Gutenberg stylesheets to avoid this are welcome :)
  • The classic editor plugin strips out and removes the block editor hooks and styles. As a result, the block editor looks broken and editor styles don't take effect properly. I would advise against using this plugin with the classic editor plugin for those reasons.
  • When first loaded, the default block adder button appears outside the input prior to selection, this should be fixed in Gutenberg proper


A prototype for block editor based comments






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