Retroactively creates a composer.json for a WordPress site
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Retroactively creates a composer.json for a WordPress site. On activation, a composer.json menu appears in the admin area under the Tools menu. This page shows a composer.json that will generate a website close or identical to the site the plugin is installed on.

Includes support for composer packages via:

Installation Notes

Install as a regular plugin and then run composer install on the wp-content/plugins/composerpress' plugin folder to install dependencies.

For instructions on installing composer: see here for *nix and here for Windows


Currently ComposerPress does not perform any control towards wpackagist #2 (or similaries), leaving open these problems:

  • when a TextDomain doesn't match a Plugins Name ?
  • when a plugin doesn't match its Folder Name ?
  • when a Plugin is Custom to a site (ie doesn't exist in the repo) ?

Keep in mind

  1. At present, if composerpress can not find the source of a plugin, the choice will fall back on the default "composerpress" (to help you recognize them and act accordingly)

  2. If you encounter a false positive try to contact plugin's author and ask him to insert, at least, a Plugin URI: in the header of the plugin; for example: these two plugins could collide if a URI plugin was not specified

  • Plugin URI: that will become something like composerpress/wp-less
  • Plugin URI: that will become something like sanchothefat/wp-less
  1. You can always give an help and contribute... 😄

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