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Generate patterns to send to Smart Poi - written in c for speed increase
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Basic c code to send pixel data to 36px Smart Poi Emulator.

Why c? The wireless transmission speed increase from using c over Java is significant. So much so that this code has to have a delay in order to work.

Usage: (Linux) cd to generate folder gcc main.c ./main

I am using Code::Blocks if you want a simple IDE to edit and run this easily just open the .cbp project file

For Windows and Mac, I can't help sorry. On Windows I believe cygwin is a great way to run this sort of thing

About the code:

I have implemented some c code to send image for triangle, rectangle, circle etc Different colours are supported.

A 36x36 px array is generated, then sent line by line over WiFi

You need to connect to the poi emulator first: see

License tbc but basically I am giving this away because someone gave it to me, probably on Stackoverflow...

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