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ParSeMiS Python Wrapper

This script is a wrapper for the frequent subgraph mining library ParSeMiS.

The original project can be found: https://www2.informatik.uni-erlangen.de/EN/research/zold/ParSeMiS/index.html

The source code for the java lib can be found: https://github.com/tomkdickinson/parsemis_wrapper


The script includes a class called Parsemis, which you can pass the same parameters too if you were using ParSeMiS on the command line. The input for the graph method are graphs built using NetworkX.


  • NetworkX

We use NetworkX due to it's large number of input formats that it can read and write to.

See: http://networkx.readthedocs.io/en/networkx-1.11/reference/readwrite.html


An example of this wrapper in action can be found in example.py, with a sample dataset in example_dataset/.

The dataset was collected from IMDB and contains all classic episodes of Doctor Who (every file is an episode), with the characters who appeared in that episode.

Running the example will generate a list of the frequent subgraphs in the dataset, including cooccuring characters.

The example is ran with CloseGraph to remove any subgraphs of a subgraph that has the same frequency.

The top 20 results are below. As can be seen, the most frequent nodes are different aliases for Dr Who, followed by groups of companions of the Doctor.

count Nodes\Edges
681 ['episode']
297 [('episode', 'Dr._Who')]
254 [('episode', 'Doctor_Who')]
131 [('episode', 'The_Doctor')]
83 [('episode', 'Sarah_Jane_Smith')]
81 [('Sarah_Jane_Smith', 'episode'), ('episode', 'Doctor_Who')]
78 [('Jo_Grant', 'episode')]
77 [('Ian_Chesterton', 'episode'), ('episode', 'Dr._Who')]
77 [('episode', 'Brigadier_Lethbridge_Stewart')]
76 [('Barbara_Wright', 'episode'), ('Ian_Chesterton', 'episode'), ('episode', 'Dr._Who')]
72 [('Guard', 'episode')]
69 [('episode', 'Romana')]
68 [('episode', 'Jamie_McCrimmon')]
67 [('episode', 'Romana'), ('episode', 'Doctor_Who')]
66 [('episode', 'Dr._Who'), ('episode', 'Jamie_McCrimmon')]
65 [('episode', 'Tegan')]
61 [('episode', 'Tegan'), ('episode', 'The_Doctor')]
54 [('episode', 'Doctor_Who'), ('episode', 'Brigadier_Lethbridge_Stewart')]
52 [('Susan_Foreman', 'episode')]
51 [('Barbara_Wright', 'episode'), ('Susan_Foreman', 'episode'), ('episode', 'Dr._Who'), ('episode', 'Ian_Chesterton')]