ChiliProject/Redmine plugin which integrates with to offer a private "YouTube-like" setup to your project site.
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ChiliVideos Plugin - A "private Youtube" for ChiliProject (or Redmine) installations


ChiliProject/Redmine plugin which integrates with to offer a private "YouTube-like" setup to your project site.


  1. This plugin is distributed as a gem, but does ship with migrations and asset files (stylesheets, etc). Therefore, the installation procedure is not the standard process.
  2. The processing of "Assemblies" from the service is handled in the background (via delayed_job), so there is an additional daemon process which you will have to monitor and/or manage with your installation.


  1. Makes it dead simple upload, store, and embed videos to your own ChiliProject/Redmine (CP/RM) installation.
    • Note: Videos are stored wherever you have send them, Amazon's S3 service being a popular option.
  2. Allows you to link videos to specific "versions" in the CP/RM project
  3. Adds a "video" wiki macro which can be used to embed any video in wiki's, news items, et cetera. (taken from the redmine_video_embed plugin)


You can find a few screenshots here.


  1. Does not support authenticated requests to yet. You probably don't want to use this on "public" CP/RM installations quite yet. This will be implementd soon...
  2. If users click the "submit" button multiple times on the upload form, they may get duplicate video transcodings.
  3. There is not currently support for a default "still" thumbnail image to be displayed when the video has not been started yet. All videos are just a "black box" until you click "play" at this point.


  1. Install the plugin
  2. Fire up the delayed_job daemon
  3. Add your account credentials & template ID on the 'ChiliVideos' plugin settings page.
  4. Enable the "Videos" module in a project

A "Videos" tab will show up in your project. Click the "Add Video" link in the contextual menu and use the form to send a video through the workflow you specified in your plugin settings. The delayed_job daemon will grab the information about your video when it is done being processed an the video will show up on the "Videos" tab.


  • A API key and workflow template ID
  • Gems:
    • httparty (v0.7.4)
    • daemon-spawn (v0.4.2)
    • delayed_job (v2.0.4)
    • friendly_id (v3.2.1.1)
    • hashie (v1.0.0)


gem install chili_videos

Manual steps after gem installation

In your 'Gemfile', add:

gem 'chili_videos'

Execute bundle install (or bundle update chili_videos if you had a previous version installed).

Next, in your 'Rakefile', add:

require 'tasks/chili_videos_tasks'

Run the installation rake task (runs migrations & installs assets)

RAILS_ENV=production rake chili_videos:install

Cycle your application server (mongrel, unicorn, etc)

Start the delayed_job daemon

RAILS_ENV=production rake "chili_videos:delayed_job[start]"


Stop the delayed_job daemon

RAILS_ENV=production rake "chili_videos:delayed_job[stop]"

Run the uninstall rake task (reverts migrations & uninstalls assets)

RAILS_ENV=production rake chili_videos:uninstall

In your 'Rakefile', remove:

require 'tasks/chili_videos_tasks'

In your 'Gemfile', remove:

gem 'chili_videos'

Cycle your application server (mongrel, unicorn, whatevs)...

Then, uninstall the chili_videos gem:

gem uninstall chili_videos



Found a bug? Have a feature request?

Please file a ticket on the 'Issues' page of the Github project site

You can also drop me a message on Twitter @tomkersten.

Want to contribute?

(Better instructions coming soon)

  1. Fork the project
  2. Create a feature branch and implement your idea (preferably with tests)
  3. Update the History.txt file in the 'Next Release' section (at the top)
  4. Send a pull request


Refer to the LICENSE file

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  • Roy Kolak