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Disasteroids 3D is an OpenGL remake of Asteroids I created back in 2000

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Disasteroids 3D for macOS, iOS and tvOS


This is my port of ThomW's Disasteroids 3D to macOS, iOS and tvOS. With his permission and collaboration, we have made it available on the App Store for free here.

A Visual Studio solution is included, it works with Visual Studio 2019 on Windows. In addition, a Makefile is included for compiling on Linux.

Whereas the original game used DirectX for sound and input, this fork swaps that out for SDL to allow for Mac and Linux compatibility. For iOS and tvOS, work was done to make the code friendly with OpenGL ES. With some work this could likely also work on Android or the Raspberry Pi but as of now I haven't done that.

An article explaining the changes is here

The original readme is as follows:

Disasteroids 3D is an OpenGL remake of Asteroids I created back in 2000. The source code has always been available for download from my site if you were looking for it, but I figured I'd throw it up on Github for people to poke around with it if they're motivated.

This thing started from an OpenGL tutorial over on - it started from his code demonstrating the use of display lists. I realized that instead of rotating all the boxes with the keyboard, I could just use the keys to rotate one, then I spanwned the boxes at random locations and gave them random velocities and the game grew out of that.

I wish I could find the models I used in the game, but they're lost to time. I lost them a long time ago; I made the models in a mix of TrueSpace and Milkshape 3D. It hardly matters, becuase I also lost 3D Exploration, the excellent tool I used to use to convert them into native C code. I wanted the whole game to be in one executable instead of having to build an installer to distribute it, so I'd bake the 3D objects into code. If you dig around you'll see it.

I will freely admit that the code in this project is a bit of a mess. I had learned C about ten years before starting to write this, and I was rusty as heck -- I'd been making my living as a Visual Basic developer writing code for industrial machines for about eight years at the time I wrote Dis3D.

Dev Log

Below is the dev log I kept as I worked on the game that was in the .zip file that was available for download from my site half-heartedly edited to not look completely terrible in Markdown.

Disasteroids 3D is ©2001 Thom Wetzel, Jr.

This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.

Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for any purpose, including commercial applications, and to alter it and redistribute it freely, subject to the following restrictions:

  1. The origin of this software must not be misrepresented; you must not claim that you wrote the original software. If you use this software in a product, an acknowledgment in the product documentation would be appreciated but is not required.

  2. Altered source versions must be plainly marked as such, and must not be misrepresented as being the original software.

  3. This notice may not be removed or altered from any source distribution.


Well, I finally gathered some motivation to get started on a console for Dis3d and future projects built off this code.

So far, the console doesn't do much but replace UpdateMessage() with a con_printf() and con_dprintf() for developer messages.
A user can also enter in a cvar and its value is displayed on screen.


Fixed a couple minor things:

  1. Joystick x and y values were being displayed on-screen. This was some left-over debug code I forgot to remove for the release version. Rats.

  2. Added a line in KillGLWindow() to make sure Dis3D wasn't leaving any TaskBar boxes hanging around after closure.


Have fun!


I ended up not releasing the game a couple weeks ago. Things came up at work and home and I was a little busy!

I took some time and went about implementing a mode that would use red/blue 3d glasses. I ran into a problem involving the screen size, and the effect really didn't add much to the game, so I commented out the lines that display the red/blue option in the display menu to get rid of it. If anyone is interested in seeing how I went about making it work, just remove the comments in menus.cpp on lines 196 and 197.

I'm also adding controls so that Winamp (and other music players) can be controlled from within the game. Should be cool. ;)


Added something stupid. When the ship rotates, it rolls a little. It isn't perfect, but it was something I always wanted to add.

I'm updating the source code for the first time in a long time. There's a lot of new stuff (gamma, mouse, etc) that might be of interest to budding OpenGL dudes and dudettes out there in programming land. Hope SOMEONE finds it useful.

Again, if you write me and don't get a response within a week, please resend your message. My ISP denies this, but I totally believe that messages intended for me are getting lost somewhere...


The latest EXE will be released next weekend. :)


After a two month hiatus I decided to add some new things to the game to add some features that were in the back of my mind

  • Color depth control

  • Gamma/brightness/contrast controls

There seems to be something wrong with the fullscreen toggle. After flipping back and forth a couple times it crashes something in KERNEL32.DLL. I'm going to try and look at it later when I get some time. It's probably my video card drivers, though.


Added code to make sure rocks don't get too dark, while maintaining the coloring from prior versions.

In windowed mode, the mouse is only acquired when necessary. Something's still screwy if the user switches to windowed from fullscreen - the mouse isn't released, but I looked at it, couldn't find a quick fix, so it's staying. grumble


I redid the resolutions screen as an option screen (I had this on my 'to-do list' from the last update).

I moved the shields display to lower left.

I changed the hard difficulty level. On hard, there should be twice as many rocks per level, and they should be quite a bit faster than on Normal.


I added the ability to map two keys to each action. It's a little funky, but if you have rhythm you can really get some awesomely fast shots going.

NeHe changed his OpenGL base code and I merged his changes into the game -- it was a minor thing in the fullscreen toggle code that makes a little more sense. He also made some changes so that the game doesn't claim 100% of the processor's time for itself when minimized.


Somewhere between games of Counter-Strike I found time to make the following changes. I'm addicted to that stupid game -- I was up playing until 3am. zzz

Mouse control implemented in DirectInput. It fixes the timing problems seen in the FPS display and hyperspace in the betas since mouse control was added. I tried to make it that the mouse is only acquired while the game is being played. While in menus or paused, the mouse should be released so that it can be used in other apps.

I know I made more changes than that, but I can't remember what they are.


Fixed volume at startup bug

Shields recharge between rounds - 2 * level% of total

2000/11/23 (Some of these may be duplicates)

Mouse buttons are now mappable. I need to find a way to let users map multiple keys to one action -- maybe like in Quake where two keys can have same action. Just to let you know, I used the Windows API to do it, so only three buttons are available. I could have used DirectInput, but it would have involved more work and the buttons wouldn't have been mappable.

Added code to catch Hyperspace Abusers. After hyperspacing 3 times, your chances of being warped into the center of a rock increase with each warp in a ten second period

Volume control - it only affects the in-game volume - not the master control - just like you asked ;)

Added graphic to make percentage displays in menu look cooler. Also cleaned up menus a little (very little in fact)

Shield power display using the boxes used in the menus


I've been playing around and added a bunch of cool stuff in the last month or so.

I added code that controls the player ship's top speed, so the ship won't be able to travel faster than one screen height/width, so it won't be able to disappear

Added player rotate speed adjust to control menu. Use the arrow keys to change the value from 0% to 100%. Setting the adjust value to 50% would set the rotation speed to the original value.

Made a change to the collision detection routine - there shouldn't be any rocks that you can fly and shoot right through.

Added mouse support - cursor shows up in window mode, but rotation works fine. Also added support in menu to enable and control sensitivity.

Added volume control code to make it easier to listen to MP3's while playing Dis3d. ;)

Also added code to penalize a player for abuse of hyperspace. Your chances of warping into the middle of a rock increase everytime hyperspace is used in a 10 second period. I totally cheated on this one. I didn't put any of the variables into the actors type. I just made a bunch of variables to handle this problem as quickly as possible. :(

Shields power display - using the boxes I added (oh yeah - i forgot to add that above) to help make the menu's 'slider' options look a little cooler. I modified the font.bmp to change two useless characters into one empty and one full box for slider controls, and thought they might make a cool way to display the shield power.

I need to thank Agust "Nemesis1" for all of his excellent suggestions. Many of these latest fixes were prompted by his emails. Thanks again, Agust!!!

In fact, thanks to everyone who wrote concerning the most recent version. I wrote a reponse to every message sent to me, and if you wrote and didn't get a reply. Blame my ISP. :)


Added the top secret cheats menu. You'll never guess what the activation code is. ;)

I'm off to distribute the game to its 10 fans! Enjoy!


Played with timing code. I think I found a good way to position the timing updates in the program to jumps when another app's running in the background, and also think that vsync timing is better when mouse is moved over window and keys are held. I thought of this yesterday while I was driving home from Salisbury, MD, ending a sucky two day four-hour (one way) commute. :P


Changed some joystick stuff

  • Mapped hyperspace to button 3
  • Changed shields from down to button 2

Changed logo to color website version - it's sexier

Made other little adjustments here and there. I still haven't even looked at the vsync stuff, but come hell or highwater, v1.2 is going out this weekend!!!

Got another email today - this time from a French game magazine that would like to publish the game on their cover disc. Sweeet!


Long time no work. In my last update I said I was releasing 1.2 the next day -- uh, I guess that didn't happen ;)

A lot of people have been contacting me about the game lately, so I thought it would probably be a good idea to release the stuff I've been working on lately.

I'm making one more attempt at fixing the vsync problem before sending this stupid thing out the door, so to speak.

For fun, I finally fixed the stereo panning so that it works correctly. I must have been doing something wrong the whole time. I tried adding a stereo seperation multiplier, started at 0.8 and worked down to 0.1.
Eureka! At 0.1 it works awesome! Killer. ;)


Well, it's been a while since a release, and I've been sitting on a TON of new stuff. I was at my nephews' house and fired up the most recently released version, 1.1 and laughed at how lame it was compared with the version I've been playing for the last couple months. It's nothing HUGE, just a bunch of little stuff that makes 1.2 so much better.

I added a couple of things I've been meaning to just to be done. Hyperspace and highscore difficulty/spacesize indicators. They're both hacks, but they're both features I wanted to add before releasing 1.2. Hopefully they won't cause any problems --- ;)

Other than improving the two things I just added, the only additional thing I'd love to do to the game is make it head-to-head on one PC. Unfortunately it's not going to happen. The main game code is just too messy and I don't feel like writing it all over again. I'm moving on and starting a new project, hopefully something I can release as shareware down the road. Don't worry -- my goal is to make something cool that I will sell for less than $10 and make it worth the fee...

Oh well, I'm going to upload the files tonight and send out the press releases, etc tomorrow.


I've been spending the weekend going over the timing code, fixing up the menus, creating difficulty settings, and doing general cleanup in preparation of the next release of the game. I'm going to send out copies of the game to some of the guys and see if they report any problems with the game before releasing it.



Well, looks like my suspicions were correct all along.

Rendering > 700 fps is a total waste PLUS it was the reason why Dis3d ran so lousy with vsync enabled. With the latest changes I made today, DrawGLScene is throttled back to update at 120fps while the SwapBuffer is updated at 60fps. It works so well on my GeForce that I'm not sure it's working wink. It also works well on my P2/266 equiped with a Voodoo2, so I must be on to something.

Another thing affecting the game was the keyboard repeat rate. Don't know why, but that problem has also been fixed by the rendering throttle.

If anyone gets this code, compiles it and has any problems with the throttling LET ME KNOW. I'm thinking that I may need to figure out some way of getting (or computing) the computer's refresh rate or capability and program the game to automatically throttle itself back for that machine. I'm going to do some testing on a range of computers in my office next week to see if I need to be concerned about trying to maintain 60 fps.

If anyone plays around with the code and finds a way to improve it at all, LET ME KNOW. This is a first attempt, and someone may already know a better way of doing this.

One question I have now, is should I be Sleep()ing every cycle so that Dis3d isn't hogging the processor? If so, how long is cool... I need to try this out. :)


  1. MOTION BLUR: This isn't ready for 'prime time' but it's amusing. It's only available if you change the '#if 1' in DrawGLBackground() to '#if 0', so it's something only a few elite people who bother to recompile the source will ever get to see. ;)

  2. WORLD ROTATION EXPERIMENT: Instead of the ship rotating, everything else on the screen is rotated around the player's ship while it stays pointing right on the screen. This is another developer's-exclusive and it's activated by setting EnableVomitComet = 1 in DrawGLScene. Within seconds you'll be able to see why this isn't going to be implemented in a release of the game -- ha ha.


Well, I've been playing with a lot of things over the past week or so. Made a big breakthrough today going through DrawGLScene. I was using a lot of unnecessary calls throughout the main rendering routine, and have seen big strides made through the removal of these useless OpenGL commands. Very cool.

Also seperated out a couple of routines for profiling purposes. I wanted to make sure that drawing the background or setting up lights wasn't taking longer than it should.

I'm still not happy with the vsync situation, and that is the only thing that I need to find a correction to before releasing a new version of the game.

Started working on the new game in a big way the other night. Modelling -- oof.


Removed all of the useless MatrixMode() calls.

Changed the ship remaining display. Instead of drawing the player ship model for every remaining life, I created a 32x32 image of the ship that I'm using instead. That should speed things up a little. Redrawing the player's model was pretty piggish... ;)

2000/06/25 - 26

While running the game on Wan's laptop, we noticed that the game didn't 'stutter' while in Pre-Copernicus mode. I looked at the code and found that the space rendering code has useless MatrixMode calls all over the place. Removed those, and things seem pretty zippy now :)

The stuttering has been bothering me for a while, and it really cool to find the cause of it!!! :)

Went through on the 26th and looked for useless GL calls...

2000/06/23 - 25

Updated Dis3d's website in my spare time. Looks much cooler now ;)

2000/06/12 - 2000/06/22

Working on getting save values implemented. Had a major rewrite of the menu system to integrate the Cvars into it. Now each menu item can point to a Cvar so the menu's displays are tied directly to their corresponding variable. Makes things much cleaner. :)

Figured out how to toggle Vsync. Working great, even though some cards (ATI mobility) doesn't support the call... ? If anyone reads this and knows another way around this, let me know. :)

2000/06/09 - 06/11

I've spent much of the last several nights (and days) working on a console variable system, similar to that used by Quake and its offspring. I got a functional system working before peeking at the Q1 source code, and much to my surpise, it looked pretty much like Quake's!!! Way cool! One thing I liked better about Quake's system were the function names, so I kind of adopted those to my system. :)

I still need to load in a cfg file and get the settings into the game on startup, but I'm on my way :)

2000/06/03 - 06/08

I worked on menu/key mapping code into the wee hours of the morning. It works pretty nice, but there's one place in the menuing code that I'm not 100% happy with, but I can live with it.

In future games, I'm going to implement a cvars system like JC did in Quake, and the problem I'm having with the menu system will be eliminated, since each menu item can have a pointer to one of the cvars. The way the code is now, I'd have to switch all my BOOL's over to floats (or possibly ints) so that each menu item that displays a value could actually update itself based on the source variable's value...

Hmmm... it may happen yet whimper

The outstanding things before 1.3 (or 2.0...?) are:

  1. Saving/retrieving settings to INI file
  2. Make sure all keystrokes now have menu options
  3. Look at doing 2-players on one keyboard mode

If I get 2-player mode working, the next release will be labled 2.0 and will be the final rev of Dis3d. If I don't it will be version 1.3.

At this point(6/8/2000 2:00am) over 16,000 people have downloaded v1.1 from alone! Woohoo!


Well, my 'beta testers' are a bunch of slackers. Not ONE of them got back to me with feedback on the latest changes to the program...

Oh well. I guess I'm a slacker too ;)

I removed and replaced Ryan Haski's Timing.c and timing.h files from the project and replaced them with nehe's new timing code from tutorial 21. I didn't like having stuff in the code that wasn't 100% created for distribution in a project like this. Thanks to Ryan for the old code and thanks to Jeff for the new stuff! Cool.

I'm compiling the program for release, and instead of being a sap about version numbers, I'm releasing this as 1.1. I should have been a man about it and released the initial version as 1.0, but I wimped out at the last minute and called it 0.2. Wimpy wimpy wimpy!

I'm going to try and release this bad boy tonight!


Finally replaced the lastkey/key copy for...loop with memcpy. Thanks to whoever that was on's message board who answered my (admittedly) stupid question. I don't know why this didn't work, but in MSDN's help I SWEAR they show sizeof(one element) * sizeof(array)

In other news, I finally made the SCREEN_ variables do something. If you're screwing around and want to try the game in a larger world, try doubling the values of the WORLD_ height, width and their half values. It works, but it's not fun, and the offscreen rocks are still being rendered, but it DOES work. :)

Release? Very soon -- as soon as my 'beta testers' get back to me ;)

2000/05/16 22:00 - 24:00

I've been working the last couple of days on a model for the next game.

Also been researching multiplayer code. Fixed some code on nate's site at (SP?)

Just released a pre-build exe to some people to get feedback on the changes.

Added some more code to the lookup table routines. Also visited nvidia's site and found fastmath routines that I want to roll into Dis3D.

2000/05/11 9:00 10:30

Moved Dis3D Dev Page to my LMNOpc server so I could add counter to see if anyone's visiting the stupid page

Wrote update about lookup tables on Dev Page

Implemented Marty R's code to fix the speed problem. Thanks a lot, Marty!

2000/05/09 10:30 - 11:30

Played around with optimizations.

I hope this is right, but I converted all functions' parameters to const references where I could.

Converted some routines (like CollisionTest) to inline functions in cases where I know they're routines that aren't a lot of code but are called frequently

Fixed little things as I found them.

2000/05/07 11:00-11:30

Played around with a bunch of stuff today regarding timing. Changed over all (i hope) of the code dealing with time (and there's lots of it) from long milliseconds to float seconds. I'm doing this to try and prevent some of the rounding problems I've been having with super-small velocities getting rounded down to zero. I'm also hoping that it will be easier to work in fractional seconds instead of milliseconds. I'm really comfortable in ms, since that's what all my programs at work are based in, but I think that float seconds may be the way to go here. We'll see...

Another stupid change to make when I'm trying to ready a release version. I should have waited until AFTER I made a release. Nuts.

CODE FREEZE from this point forward (yeah right)

2000/05/07 15:30-15:45

Marty R. sent me an equation to use to calculate the ship's drift. Added it to code and merrily played the game for ten minutes. Woo hoo!


I've been slacking lately, well programming wise. There has been a little progress in the past couple of days, but I'm obviously not updating this file as frequently as I should be.

For the last couple of hours I was working on getting Jeff's latest OpenGL code base changes from rolled into the code base and eliminating the problems that were caused by the full screen/window toggle. There's still some choppiness after toggling one way to another, but it works. :)

I'm also excited to send the latest version to some of the beta guys, because I'm hoping the window class termination will fix the crash on exit problem that some people have been seeing.

The latest release is suffering because I didn't really have any clear objectives with this release when I started making changes. I'm going to try sending out pre-release executables today to some of the guys that e-mailed me about the game, and hopefully a new release will be available this week.

2000/05/02 - 10:00 11:00

I'm having my usual problems with the DSL line...

Playing and tweaking -- tweaking and playing...

Answering e-mails...

I think I'm ready for the second release.

2000/05/01 - 5:00 - 5:15

Added flames to ship thrust. It's cool looking, even if it is unrealistic. I KNOW that space is a vacuum, okay? :)

2000/04/30 - 23:00 - 00:30

Jeff Molofee is my hero. He sent me a code change that properly does the player-centric 2-layer texture backdrop. Jeff also cleaned up my space texture -- it looks awesome! Thanks again, Jeff!

TODO: Well, there are only two things that I want to do before the next release:

  1. See if there's something I can do about the strange UFO travel in P/C mode

  2. Create a flag to make sure that the star data isn't being updated when there aren't any stars on the screen.

UPDATE! While writing #2's blurb I thought to myself 'Self, you could have written the code in less time than it took to write this statement. Duh!' So after writing the statement, I went, added the flags, did a quick check to make sure everything worked, then came back and wrote THIS blurb. Hopefully I will learn from these experiences and instead of writing about it, JUST DO IT!

In fact, I was just thinking that today. I was flipping through the latest Andre LaMonthe game programming book to see what he had to say about particle systems, and it turns out I do almost the exact same thing in my code as he writes in the book. What does this tell me? Stop buying those stupid computer books and just code. Writing code is the only way to learn how to write code.


Now there's only one thing TODO before release...

Stupid UFO!

I'm going to update my remote code base and go to bed!

Work tomorrow :(

2000/04/30 - on and off through the day - about 4 hours

Got the player-centric (Pre-Copernicus) mode working. My initial idea to scroll the space behind the player isn't going to work unless I do some thinking, so I think we all know that's not going to happen :)

I came up with an idea that I like MUCH better. I'm using space mode 1 (mild motion) and sticking a star field on top of it. The star code was VERY easy to implement and it looks great (I hope you agree!)

Played A LOT through the day as I got P/C mode working to see if it was worth keeping. It turns out I like it more than the 'normal' mode. Cool!

I need to thank Marty R. for the suggestion. Thanks!

2000/04/29 - 20:00 21:00

Moved player code outside of actors[] group to facilitate possibility of player-centric play mode where the player doesn't move from the center of the screen but everything moves around him. We'll see.

Also played a bit... of course ;)

PROBLEM: Noticed that the vapor trail from the player ship would go the wrong way.

Fixed it. The old way stupid when all i had to do was add or subtract 180. Duh! Just so everyone knows, I'm very stupid.

2000/04/29 - 17:00 - 18:30

PROBLEM: When Windows does something in the background and the player is thrusting, the ship ends up careening out of control accross the screen.

GetTickCount() wasn't accurate enough. It took a lot of digging around the MSDN to figure that out, but QueryPerformanceTimer is (supposedly) 100% accurate.

I tried writing my own timing routines using QueryPerformanceTimer() but failed -- ended up using code from Ryan Haksi (see comment at top of timing.c for details) Big thanks to him for the code! I'm going to have another stab at it, because I'd like to do it My Way -- easier to read and understand (sorry Ryan) :)

2000/04/29 - 15:00 15:30

Working on key bind data structure to allow player to redefine keys to his/her liking. Got the structure setup, as well as text labels to help guide the key binding later. The special mode keys are going to be a problem (frame rate display, etc.) so I'm going to have to figure out a way to work around that.

I definitely need to consider implementing a gamestate variable to store whether the help screen is up, a game is in session, if the user is entering their initials etc. The current scheme is getting too complicated, but I'm worried about complications because of the house of cards I've built.

LESSON TO EVERYONE: Design software before programming.

If I would have thought that Disateroids would someday have highscore entry and a title screen, and possibly user-definable key mapping, the structure of the program would be very different. Very different indeed. :P

2000/04/29 - 9:30 - 11:50

I spent most of the morning surfing the net for information on fixing the timing skips and for info about gamma control. I think the timing jumps may be caused by the use of GetTickCount() which is inaccurate when rendering more than 100 frames/sec, which this game is doing. I couldn't find any info about an easy way to implement gamma control, either :(

TO DO: These are some things I'd like to fix/do/try before the next release of the game

1. Gamma control
2. Look into game speed problem when turning ship
3. Try always spawning ship invincible
4. Lower Thrust *
5. Allow users to remap game keys
6. Create new mode where ship stays centered on 
	screen and the objects move around it.  I'm
	not going to rotate the gameworld, just 
	translate everything on the X and Y

FUTURE: Things I'm considering for future versions of the game

1. Powerups hidden in saucers/rocks

Now down to business...

PROBLEM: Found ancient bug -- thrust clicking noise

Finally found a bug that's been bothering me ever
since I implemented the sound (which was days into the
project).  The player thrust sound always 'clicked',
and it was caused by velocity * deltatime.  Since
the game loop is running so fast, it is possible that
deltatime was zero, causing velocity to equal zero.  
The thrust sound is stopped when velocity == 0 and
is played continuously when it is ! 0.  Basically the
static was being caused by the thrust sound being
turned on and off quickly.  Woo hoo!

This really demonstrates my need for using a timer
more accurate than GetTickCount().

PROBLEM: Player thrusts too fast.

This is actually subjective :) but if Gary Mc Taggart
from Valve Software says it's too fast, it's too fast.
(But then again, I got an e-mail from George W Bush 
as well, so who knows if it's really Gary or some 
l33t a$$h0l3.  Possibly the latter)

I had to change the player thrust speed anyway (because
of the ancient bug above), so I needed to get a new
value for the acceleration anyway.  

The ship has two thrust speeds - one for each difficulty
setting.  The ship thrusts much slower on the easier
difficulty setting.

2000/04/26 - 22:00 - 01:00

I read over my earlier comments, and found that it was hard to figure out why some of the changes were made, and I was the one who made them! I decided to adopt a PROBLEM/SOLUTION style log so that other people might find it easier to track why changes were made when they were.

PROBLEM: Player spawning in rocks

There has been code in the program to make sure that
this doesn't happen, but a bug crept into it.  I had
code to detect collisions in three places:
	1. Saucer spawn
	2. Player spawn
	3. Main CollisionDetection routine

The code in the player spawn routine was different 
from the code in the other two routines and didn't 
work correctly.  

I added the CollisionTest function to prevent things
like this from happening in the future.

PROBLEM: Player invincibility at spawn not working

I never noticed this because the player spawn routine
wasn't properly detecting collisions, but if the player
is unable to spawn for x seconds, the player is
supposed to spawn with the shields up (invincible)
for five seconds.

Basically, it would have never worked before, because
of a million different things.  It now works.


I changed the position of g_nLevelNum's initialization
in the code but I don't know why.  It took fifteen 
minutes to get it working again, but I don't remember
why I started messing with it in the first place.
I hope it doesn't bork anything up...

PROBLEM: Hitting U a lot in attract mode then starting game would create situation where game would begin with just player and one stray rock

There was a bug in FindFreeActor where the routine
could find an actor that was one higher than UBound.
Fixed it!

PROBLEM: Difficulty Levels unbalanced. Easy mode too slow, normal mode gets too hard with increasingly faster rocks.

Changed both of the difficulty modes:

ORIGINAL RECIPE: Unchanged from version 0.1

SLOW ROASTED: Rocks start slow and slowly get faster.

2000/04/26 - 19:00 - 20:00

Installed Visual C++ 6.0 and SP3. Hopefully this will fix the GPF problem that various people have had.

Implemented pause. Cool!

Made rocks get incrementally faster with each round in both difficulty settings. I have to play test this to make sure that it's a good speed.

Moved some of key input code around so that keys active during game over are all together, and moved the Difficulty mode toggle out of that area because the D key can be used during gameplay to view the current setting.

2000/04/26 - 21:00 - 22:00

Tried a couple of different things to make the rock speed adjustable. Ended up making the difficulty level toggleable easy/normal.

2000/04/24 - 00:00

Released version 0.1 of the game!

2000/04/23 - 9:30 to 11:15

Played around with force feedback based on suggestion from Jeff Molofee. Created multiple effects that could be triggered based on the distance from the player ship to the destroyed object. Didn't work real well, but I eliminated the effect felt when firing because it interrupted other effects.

2000/04/19 - (5:00 - 5:30) (20:00-21:00)

Wrote renderenable and renderdisable in old code base to try and eliminate flickering problem caused by repeated glEnable calls. Success!

At night, added routines into main codebase and created renderset to make it easier to implement toggleable rendering options.

Text is now rendered correctly no matter what rendering features are enabled/disabled except for in wireframe mode.

Fixed GPF bug that occurs when highscore.dat file is read-only and game trys to save highscores

Moved the loop to deactivate lights to end of lighting setup so that only unused lights are disabled at the end of the loop, rather than having all of the lights used last cycle disabled, only to have some of them reenabled seconds later.

Rearranged the 'space motion modes' so that 0 is no space motion and 2 is the max. 2 is still the default.

2000/04/17 - 10:30 - 11:30

Removed backfaces from player ship model using Milkshape and reimported with 3D Exploration.

Removed 'racing stripe' from player ship texture

Looked at possibility of replacing remaining lives ship models with a more-lightweight alternative -- a character in the font. Font chars are too small to make this a viable option.

2000/04/12 - 7:00-7:15

Looked at textures and decided that the ship and blast textures didn't have to be 256x256. Downsized them to 128x128 and played with all the textures to see if they could be shrunk to reduce the size of the EXE

2000/04/13 -

Fixed the cursor display problem I caused when I removed the debris' texture. Now I disable GL_TEXTURE_2D before drawing the cursor.

2000/04/12 - (17:15-18:00) and (19:45-8:45)

At work, I created a new player model. At home, I merged the new model into the main codebase.

Removed the texture stuff from the debris -- it used to use texture[0], which now belongs to the player ship. Before texture[0] was the 'IDB_BLANK' texture.

Finished up texture. Looks really cool. Still have bounding box problem, but the ship model looks cool. :)

Tweaked xcoll and ycoll on objects to improve collision detection. The small rocks no longer have to be hit with pinpoint accuracy. Sweeet!

2000/04/12 - (17:30-17:45) and (20:45-21:00)

Wrote code to display actor bounding boxes after work. Merged code with base code, and added bounding box mode. X key toggles it.

2000/04/11 - 11:30 - 11:45

Added wireframe mode. Textures have to be disabled for the full effect. Toggling lighting and blending leads to some interesting effects. I may come back and fix the program so that text is rendered correctly later.

2000/04/08 - 20:00 - 20:50

Fixed problem where cursor would appear in multiple places if the current highscore was equal to an existing highscore

Fixed problem with top centered highscore not being updated when user would enter their initials as new highest score

Shots now spawn from the tip of the player instead of the middle of the player

Added speed regulation to space motion mode 1, which was added by Jeff. I noticed that mode 1 ran at a slower pace on my P2/266 than on my C/450. I always thought that mode 1 looked cool, but moved too fast, and after seeing it on the 266, I decided that maybe it looks slower on his computer, and I checked and noticed that the background's rate wasn't controlled. Now it is.

2000/04/04 - 13:00 - 13:15

Added help screen (H or F1) There's some ugly code as a result of this addition, but I think it's probably worth it.

2000/04/04 - 12:00pm - 12:15pm

Added sound toggle key (S)

Created application icon

Fixed the highscore entry cursor so that it doesn't stay on the last character of the player's initials. Also fixed the backspace key to work like a backspace key instead of a delete key.

2000/04/03 - 12:15pm - 12:45pm

Changed g_nSpaceInMotion's default mode to the subtle motion -- it makes the stars appear to sparkle while minimizing motion sickness ;)

Changed credits a little. Added models and texture credit to myself, and modified Jeff's a little.

Textured new player model in TrueSpace, only to import it into 3dExploration to find the textures all jumbled. I need to change my modelling program to a program more suited to low-poly modelling and skinning. Milkshape is probably the way to go -- it's cheap and it will export the objects into a format 3D Exploration can convert. What a waste of time.

Also went through the code and removed dead code, added some comments -- real quick cleanup.

2000/04/02 - (6:30pm-7:30pm) (10:30pm - 11:00pm)

Worked on new player model in TrueSpace. Not really happy with it yet.

2000/04/01 - 4:30pm - 7:00pm

Created Disasteroids logo for title screen, and got it displaying on the 'title screen'.

Wrote code to display author and copyright information. I need to check with Jeff to see how he wants to be credited for his work on the project.

Created glPrintCentered to make it easy for me to print text centered on the screen instead of hand-coding it each time I want centered text. I'm using it for almost all of the on-screen printing now instead of glPrint.

Almost done!

2000/03/31 - 5:00pm - 5:45pm

Added status message display in the form of g_sMessage and UpdateMessage to allow me to post messages on the screen when the user does things like activate and deactivate the joystick.

Wrote code to display message when user toggles on/off the various rendering and control options

I also figured out how to center the message using the cursor code as a reference. That code sure came in handy! Thanks again, Jeff!

2000/03/29 - 12:00noon - 12:15pm

Found the last code Jeff sent me, which was a refinement of the highscore entry. He created a cursor in his routine that I lifted the code to help the user enter his/her initials should they get a high score.

2000/03/28 - 11:30pm - 1:00am

Finally got around to updating highscore entry code so that initials are entered using the keyboard. I also updated the message shown on the screen during highscore entry

Cleaned up unnecessary key handling and highscore entry code

Fixed force feedback. I was not returning the correct value from the force feedback capability detection.

2000/03/28 - 10:00pm-11:00pm

Experimented in the office with importing all of the textures into the program as source code instead of using resource files, but that didn't work out. I got compiler errors for my efforts.

Changed the rendering of the blasts back to being 3D. Also changed them from being drawn three times to them being drawn twice. Also tweaked their fade appearance.

Rewrote keyboard handling -- using lastkeys[] instead of individual keystates for function keys. This was also done to make highscore entry using keyboard possible

2000/03/15 - 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Took about 2 seconds to fix the highscore overwriting problem, and about 59:58 to create a Half-Life model for Gannon... ha ha ha

I need to refine and remap highscore handling next -- maybe tonight.

2000/03/14 - 11:00pm - 12:00midnight

I've been slacking.

Blending toggle checked before enabling blending when drawing background

Got initial entry working.

2000/03/11 - 5:07pm - 5:45pm

Added xcolldist and ycolldist values to actorinfo structure. Now each actor has its own x and y collision variables. I'm still not happy about collision detection. It's still flaky. One second a rock will fly right through the player, and the next rock may destroy it. Changing the player model may allieviate the problem -- make the ship more square. Better yet, make the ship square and compute collision distances based on radii of objects (circles rather than boxes). This may be too processor-intensive.

2000/03/11 - 12:00 Noon

Fixed something I thought of when creating PlayerSpawn routine in CreateSaucer -- only look at active rocks :)

2000/03/10 - 4:00pm

I've been sick, so I haven't been able to work on the game :(


Based on feedback from Jeff M, I removed the rest of 
the DirectInput initialization MessageBoxes so that 
3dfx cards don't choke on startup if a joystick isn't 


In an attempt to fix the problem with the ship's thrust
not working when compiling a release version, I moved
the line that resets velocity to zero until the END of 
the if block, instead of right after the Y calculation.
I don't know why it works now, but it does.  This is
just one of those damn C things I hate.  If anyone
comes across this message in the future reads this and
knows why -- please let me know!!!

4:15 - 4:30

Got rid of vanity tag -- I'm not that vain.  Also moved
score and FPS rendering so that they're always on top.

6:30 - 8:00

Looked at changes Jeff made to code from a couple of days
ago.  Added some comments based on his additions.  Also
added space movement code he implemented.  I set it up 
as toggleable (M key)

8:00 - 8:30

Started thinking about how to implement high score entry.
Made quick LoadHighScores and SaveHighScores routines.  
The tough part's going to be the intial entry.

11:00 - 12:30

Changed all BOOL's to bool's,  Stupid -- I know.

Surfed the net

(I think) I added g_ to all global variables

Wrote SpawnPlayer function to prevent player from being
spawned in the middle of an enemy.  I don't know if this 
works, but if the player isn't respawned within 10 seconds,
they are spawned invincible for a couple of seconds :)


Went to bed.


Worked on the logo and website design.  Trying to make
logo that isn't millions of vertexes.  Don't know if 
that's going to happen.

2000/03/07 - 09:15 TO 12:00

Got joystick working and implemented some force
feedback effects.  I'm using an Interact Hammerhead FX,
which is a gamepad that shakes.  The effects are pretty
funny on that, but I don't know how they'd be on a 
real joystick.

2000/03/07 - 05:00 TO 05:30

Started implementation of DirectInput from FFDonuts
DirectX SDK

2000/03/07 - Lunch

Replaced cool nebulous space background with 
dull stars in hopes of fixing horiz and vert lines.
I think they're more noticable now. :(

2000/03/06 - 09:30pm to

Stuck vanity tag in lower right corner of screen.

Used Corel draw to create logo.  I like the design,
but the 3D model is too big :(  I think any logo
I create will be too large to be modeled.

Played.  A lot.

I REALLY fixed the rock spawning problem.  Pretty 
simple.  The rocks were from 0-29.  Well, when 
FindFreeActor returns, the spawn routine determines
if a free slot was found if the function returned 
a value other than zero.  Oops!

Textured UFO with a very simple texture.  TrueSpace
stinks for texturing but it's VERY easy for modelling.

2000/03/06 - 06:00pm

Played with dynamic lighting -- colored based on
actor, and blasts' lights fade as their lives end
woo hoo!

Resorted order in which blasts are drawn.  Also 
disabled depth buffer while they are drawn.  According
to Brian Hook, the proper order to draw things
1. Solid objects
2. Turn off z-sort
3. Draw transparents
I was doing this, except for with the blasts.  The
black squares around the blast are less apparent, but
not totally gone.  I may model a flat circle to draw 
the blasts on to eliminate the problem.  We'll all
just have to wait and see...

I may have fixed the problem with the number of rocks,
but I didn't get a chance to really test it.  
UPDATE:  I didn't really fix it...

Also looked at 2 of the things that are bothering
me most right now -- 
  * Missing thrust sound
  * Ship won't move up and down when the 
	program's compiled for Release
No new revelations.  I'm going to have to solve this!!!

Coming soon... DirectInput?  

2000/03/06 - Lunch

Added background and fixed texture binds

2000/03/05 9:00am - 11:00am

Rolling in changes made by NeHe dealing with fonts and 
initialization in InitGL.  Thanks again!

2000/03/04 7:00pm

Got dynamic lighting working. Looks really cool!

2000/03/04 12:00 Noon

I started implementing the linked list data for the actors, but I left the code in my Zip Drive at work.  Boo hoo.  

Just to try it out, I implemented stereo sound.  Not too impressed.
I think there might be something wrong with the sound that's played
when the player fires.  The stereo effect is very drastic between
right and left halves of the screen.

NeHe finally convinced me to shrink the bullets.  
Bye bye bye phat bullets!

Made a bunch of changes to the saucer to make it smarter.  It now
follows a path for a number of seconds, then changes its direction.
I also setup the saucer to spin faster, and to wobble as it flys
through the screen.  Looks cool.  Still dumb as mud, though.

CreateSaucer was rewritten to prevent the saucers from being
spawned in the middle of a rock.  I also turned CreateSaucer
into a function so that the main routine doesn't reset 
lTimeForNewSaucer (or whatever it's called).

Moved model data to modeldata.h to make code a little more

2000/03/02 12:00 Midnight


Added glEnable(GL_NORMALIZE); to InitGL according to 16 Common Mistakes the lighting gets messed up when usingScalef because the normals no longer equal 1.

Did super preliminary saucer motion jerking across the screen.  This will have to be greatly improved.

Implemented saucer fire.  

Moved player collision detection to function to make it easier to 
check for collisions between different objects.  Right now the 
collisions are a little off.  I think I'm going to have to implement
bounding boxes for each of the models to make it easy to check 
collisions.  The saucer is the worst right now because its current
bounds are a square, while the object is wider than it is tall.

The change to the collision detection was a major pain in the rump. 

I'm going to prevent UFO's from spawning after the game's over then
go to bed.

2000/03/02 5:00pm


Finally found cause of rock's texturing problem.  STUPID mistake in the 
display list generation code.  I was reading in the player's texture
data instead of the rocks' for the rocks.  Doh!

Added enemy saucer model.  Doesn't do anything yet.



Player shields are now recharged at the beginning of each ship instead
of each level

Eliminated 2-second delay when starting a new game.
Implemented Q&D particle system using Debris as base.

Particle smoke trails follow the blaster

5% of the debris spawns flaming particles -- looks cool, but just like 
the blasts the colors need work.  I'm using GL coloring, and I can't
get a good mix of yellow/orange/red that looks like fire.

One thing that kind of disturbs me is that the particles and blasts
don't mix well.  There are times when they mix, and the blast seems
to draw black where there should be particles.  Don't really know
why -- maybe I have to change the drawing order.

Started writing info to track progress on game.  Should be interesting
to read when everything's done ;)


Things are getting very messy.  I think the next step will have to 
be getting all of the items in linked lists and going through each
item in a list and rendering instead of the array.  That should
speed things up considerably, since I'm sure a lot of time
is being wasted constantly searching for free elements in the
actors array.

I've noticed that if I increase the value of MAX_ACTORS by fifty, the
framerate dips considerably. (Is that thing correct?  300fps???)


Disasteroids 3D is an OpenGL remake of Asteroids I created back in 2000






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