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Welcome to the official TOML wiki! This is a space for the community to catalog various TOML-related projects. We'd love you to contribute!


  • Be careful when editing this document. It's a valuable resource, so proofread your work and make sure it's right.
  • Listings are alphabetical, please add your project in the correct order.
  • If you want to add a new category or otherwise make a big change, please open an issue on this repository to discuss it first.
  • Keep being your awesome self!

Projects using TOML

  • bloom.api - Create APIs out of public datasources.
  • Bors-NG - A merge bot for GitHub pull requests.
  • Cargo - The Rust language's package manager.
  • CUAUV - Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
  • dep - Golang's soon-to-be official dependency management tool
  • GitLab CI (Runner) - The GitLab CI Multi Runner, written in Go.
  • habitat - Modern applications with built-in automation.
  • Heka - Stream processing system by Mozilla.
  • Hugo - Static site generator in Go.
  • InfluxDB - Distributed time series database.
  • MeTA - Modern C++ data science toolkit.
  • luna - Runescape emulator for the #317 protocol.
  • pip - The PyPA recommended tool for installing Python packages.
  • Pipenv - Python Development Workflow for Humans.
  • Poetry - Python dependency management and packaging made easy.
  • Stellar - The stellar.toml file is used in issuing a token on the Stellar network.
  • tox - Command line driven CI frontend and development task automation tool
  • Traefik - Modern HTTP reverse proxy.
  • Tuubes - Distributed cross-version Minecraft server in Scala


If you have an implementation, add it to this list! Please note the version tag that your parser supports in your README.

v0.5.0 compliant

v0.4.0 compliant

v0.2.0 compliant

v0.1.0 compliant

Unknown (or pre-v0.1.0) compliance


Language agnostic test suite for TOML decoders and encoders

Editor support



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