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#Fuckr: unofficial Grindr™ client for Mac, Windows and Linux

Fuckr is an unofficial Grindr™ client for desktop built with Node-Webkit, AngularJS and a modified version of jacasr (bundled in fuckr/node_modules). It is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Grindr LLC, owner of the Grindr™ trademark.

##Run Install node-webkit >= 0.12 (eg. npm install -g nw) and run nw fuckr


npm install --save-dev
npm run build
npm run run
npm run package

##Grindr™ API All interactions with Grindr™'s API are in fuckr/services and summarized in this unofficial Grindr™ API documentation. If there's anything else you want to know, you can easily analyse the HTTPS part with mitmproxy's regular proxy mode and the XMPP part with just Wireshark (+ Ettercap) since the official Grindr™ client doesn't bother encrypting that part!


  • Logo: Reyson Morales
  • Contributions: @victorgrego, @RobbieTechie and @shyrat
  • Download Page: originally copied from Tinder++