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SRC = presentation.tex ArithExpr.tex Expr.tex BoolLike.tex RealExpr.tex Value.tex Conclusion.tex code.fmt
.PHONY : clean $(SRC:%.tex=ghci-%)
ghci-% :
ghci -pgmL lhs2tex -optL --pre $*.lhs
presentation.pdf : $(SRC)
latexmk -pdf -g $<
open presentation.pdf
%.tex : %.lhs
lhs2TeX -o $@ $<
preview :
latexmk -pdf -pvc presentation
clean :
latexmk -C
for file in $(SRC:%.tex=%.lhs); do if [ -e $$file ]; then rm -f $${file%lhs}tex; fi; done
rm -f presentation.ptb
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