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# Quickly hacked up "build" file to create NuGet package
# copy files from a succesfull Visual Studio release build
new-item -itemtype directory NuGet\content
new-item -itemtype directory NuGet\lib
new-item -itemtype directory NuGet\tool
Copy-Item src\web.config.transform NuGet\content
Copy-Item src\CoffeeScriptHttpHandler\bin\Release\CoffeeScriptHttpHandler.dll NuGet\lib
Copy-Item src\CoffeeScriptHttpHandler\bin\Release\CoffeeSharp.dll NuGet\lib
Copy-Item src\CoffeeScriptHttpHandler\bin\Release\Jurassic.dll NuGet\lib
Copy-Item src\Coffee\bin\Release\Coffee.exe NuGet\tool
Copy-Item src\Coffee\bin\Release\CoffeeSharp.dll NuGet\tool
Copy-Item src\Coffee\bin\Release\Jurassic.dll NuGet\tool
Copy-Item src\CoffeeSharp.nuspec NuGet
# actual packaging
tools\NuGet.exe pack NuGet\CoffeeSharp.nuspec
# cleanup
remove-item -recurse -force NuGet
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