A template and some tips for making privacy policies more easily.
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Privacy Policy Template


This is a simple template to help you think through writing a privacy policy. It's meant to be used along with Mozilla's tips for writing a privacy policy on the Mozilla Developer Network. We think that using this will make writing a privacy policy easier, but we don't promise that that you'll make a good or accurate policy just because you use it.

Also: this stuff is not legal advice, and is no substitute for a real live lawyer. Some places legally require that you have a privacy policy, and require that you describe certain things in it. Some places have (very specific) rules about what you are and aren't allowed to do with info about users. You should definitely talk with a lawyer about all this stuff, and they should definitely read and review your policy.


Make sure to read all the comments. Some of them offer simple advice which you can follow or ignore. Others are placeholders for elements that you need to add or modify. There are also some placeholders like $APPNAME which you should find and replace with the sppropriate string for your app. They are:

  • $APPNAME the name of your app

Make sure to find and replace them all!

Have fun!

Finally: This template is meant as inspiration, not an instruction manual. Feel free to add stuff we haven't though of, remove stuff you don't like, jazz things up, and remix everything. If there are ways that we can do things better, you should absolutely report issues send us pull requests because we love them so much. Everything here (and any pull requests we integrate) is under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.