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How to Compile pioneer under OSX
This is some quick and dirty instructions on how to get pioneer working under
The GNU Way...:
1. You will need the following libraries installed. The best method I found
was to install macports ( and install the
2. Run ./ to generate your 'configure' file
3. By default the OpenGL frameworks don't seem to be visible the 'automake'
way so I did a few tricks to get it working:
Create a symlink from the OpenGL framework to your /usr/local/include
sudo ln -s /System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Headers/ /usr/local/include/GL
4. Instead of running ./configure run it with this command line:
LDFLAGS="-L/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Libraries -L/System/Library/Frameworks/GLUT.framework" ./configure
5. Now you can run Make as per normal. :)
Using XCode: (using v4.x)
There is currently an Xcode project located in the ./osx directory. This is
the project setup that I currently use, and it has not been tested on a
different system. I have already setup the paths and project settings based
on the libraries and headers already setup the 'GNU way' as stated above.
This saves many #ifdef's that would have to be riddled through the code just
because of Xcode.
- Philbywhizz
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