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"perforce_auto_checkout": true, // when true, checkout will occur depending on the modify/save settings
"perforce_auto_checkout_on_save": true,
"perforce_auto_checkout_on_modified": false,
"perforce_auto_add": true, // when true, any file within the client spec that doesn't exist during the presave will be added
"perforce_warnings_enabled": true, // will output messages when warnings happen
"perforce_end_line_separator": "\n", // used to reconstruct the depot file after breaking it up to remove the first line
"perforce_log_warnings_to_status": true, // used to redirect logs to the status bar instead. The standard output is too big for the line (can be multi-line with the raw output of p4)
"perforce_default_graphical_diff_command": "p4diff \"%depotfile_path\" \"%file_path\" -l \"%file_name in depot\" -e -1 4" // used only if Select Graphical Diff Application is not called