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A game made in Unreal Engine 4. Project code only.



This is a project game made by me and my partner, Robert, along with our artists, Tyree and Kenrick. It was made as an assignment on Technical Game Development using Unreal Engine 4.6. Over the duration of the course, the project was incrementally upgraded to 4.7, and now it's 4.7.6.

The game's premise is to capture all of the students running away from you, before the time runs out.



Students at WPI have finished their MQPs in Robotics major, and are now getting ready to graduate. Unfortunately, the moment a student graduates, they will be hit with student loans. You, as a debt machine, are here to knock the sense out of the students and to remind them of paying back their student loans. A few students, who did their MQP in Robotics made a robot dog, decided to use the dogs to protect them from your claws. It is up to you to catch them, before the end of the graduation day.



  • UP ARROW KEY - Accelerate the machine forward.
  • DOWN ARROW KEY - Reverse.
  • LEFT ARROW KEY - Rotate leftwards; Counterclockwise.
  • RIGHT ARROW KEY - Rotate rightwards; Clockwise.


Building and Compiling

Due to the shipping EXE package is over 1GB large, it is not possible to provide a link for download and distribution. It is encouraged to clone this repository, and build the game.


  • Unreal Engine 4.7.6
  • Visual Studio 2013 Community / Professional
  • A beefy computer OR a gaming laptop
  1. Once you have Unreal Engine 4.7.6 installed, go ahead and clone this repository.
  2. Once cloning the repository is done, right click on the GetDebt.UPROJECT file, and select "Generate Visual Studio project files".
  3. Once everything is generated, double-click on the SOLUTION file (GetDebt.SLN) to open up the project.
  4. Build the project. This will open up Unreal Engine 4.7.6.
  5. From there, you may choose to Package Game, or play in the editor. It's your choice.



Thompson Lee - Programmer / Game Producer
Robert Smieja - Programmer / Lab Admin / Unreal Engine 4 MQP Developer
Tyree Robinson - Artist / Creative Design / 3D Modeler
Kenrick Tsang - Artist / Creative Design / 3D Modeler

Apache Licensed. 2015


A game made in Unreal Engine 4. Project code only.




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