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IRC Bot + Client Build Status


This is an internet relay chat (IRC) bot written in Python 3.5.1, using Visual Studio 2015 Community as the primary IDE for Python. This bot can also act as an IRC client that the user can interact with others with. This bot's nickname is "WedrClient", and uses a public channel, #wedrbot, as a test bed for plugin development and debugging purposes.

You can change username and password in the script, located near the top.

The main purpose of this project is for me to learn about Python 3, how to create a feature complete IRC bot, add support for an IRC client, and touch up on using scripting languages as well.

Please create new issues to request for new features, report bugs, and other things in general for any IRC Bot improvements.


  • Quotes - Allowing users to add/remove quotes in the quotes list.
  • Saving/Loading - Allowing the bot host to store and load the quotes list.
  • Updates Lookup - For Nintendo 3DS, this bot parses the data gather from this site, and tells the users what the minimum firmware update is required for their respective games. The updates repository can be located here.
  • Custom Plugins Support - Creating new plugins to run in this bot is now more centralized and streamlined.
  • Streamlined Commands - Typing a command into the IRC bot is now very straightforward, and it acts just like any other IRC clients.
  • Username AutoCompletion - Pressing TAB key will autocomplete the usernames of known users in focused channels.
  • Query Lists of Active Channels and Users - See active channels you have joined, and users already in the channels.
  • Fast toggling joined channels - Quickly switch to other joined channels using CTRL+ALT+Left/Right Arrow.
  • And many more plugins!!

How to Use:

  1. REQUIRES Python 3. If you don't have Python 3, grab the latest Python 3 from here.
  2. Download the ZIP file here and extract the contents to a new folder/directory.
  3. Run "".

How to Create Plugins:

  1. Download the ZIP file here and extract the contents to a new folder/directory.
  2. In the /plugins folder, duplicate the, and rename.
  3. Edit your renamed copy, and follow the instructions written in the comments.
  4. Save your plugin in /plugins folder/directory.
  5. Run ""
  6. To reload your plugins, type "/reload" in the command prompt/terminal to reload all plugins.
  7. Type /help for all the information you need to know.

Known Issues:

  • This IRC client does not support all /CTCP commands, and only complies with bare minimum requirements from IRC channel servers.
  • This IRC client may not support certain commands. If you use a certain command you see wrongly, please file an issues report about this.


asperatology (wedr) / tom_mai78101 - For the creation of the IRC Bot Client.
yellows8 - Many contributions on finding required firmware update versions.


The MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) 2016 Thompson Lee


IRC bot written in Python 3.5.1







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