Portal CMS is a fully featured content management system with a powerful integrated page builder. It is designed for .NET Developers to extend into a bespoke website
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PortalCMS (1.3.4) (January 2018)

  • PortalCMS is an ASP.NET MVC website which contains many CMS features out of the box; such as a powerful integrated page builder and blogging tools.
  • Developers can extend Portal CMS with bespoke functionality by creating or modifying standard MVC components (Areas/Controllers/Views/Partials etc).
  • End users can create a dynamic website without writing any code, in fact a whole website can be created in a web browser using our page builder - drag and drop and inline editing makes it quick and easy on any device.

Online Demo

  • Test Drive PortalCMS using our Online Demo: Online Demo

Why Choose Portal CMS?

  • Build a modern website with a unique and customiseable look and feel.
  • Portal CMS is lightweight and lean, only providing you the minimum features you need to build a valuable website.
  • Focus on your USP - We implemented authentication, CMS tools and integrations with services like SendGrid, Google Analytics and more so you can pick it up and develop unique features right away
  • Ability to update your website from any device quickly without writing code.
  • Economical to host on both traditional hosting platforms and Microsoft Azure's App Service.
  • Easy to deploy with no scripts or installations to run, everything Portal CMS needs is setup automatically when it is first run.