Create Objects, Populate with content and serialise to XML to perform CRUD operations against the File System
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  • XContext is a .NET Framework package that allows you to create your own objects, populate them with content and then store them on the File System as XML Files.
  • This package enables you to realise simple and flexible data storage in any project without using a database.
  • Data is generated programmatically and then serialised and stored as XML.

Key Features

  • Create a model of any object for your domain, populate it with data programatically and then easily store the data for resurfacing later.
  • Data is cached when retrieved and maintained when changed. This enables good performance and reduces the amount of hits you perform on IO.
  • Simplify your own code by using Lambda to query data using the properties in your own objects

Use Cases

  • Websites which require a small amount of user generated content to be stored but do not justify the costs of a SQL Server.
  • Store Configuration Data on applications like Console Applications or Windows Forms Applications
  • Log Information from any .NET project in a highly structured XML File which can be read into dashboards easily.

Future Intent

  • Integration with Azure Blog Storage, so that you can configure the package to store your data within an Azure Storage Account.