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Create shorter, safer, better links you can share. Find out how...
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What: Create shorter, safer, better links you can share

Stack: Progressive web app built with VueJS, NUXT and .NETCore Web API, backed by Azure Blob Storage.

Status: Launched 1st January 2020.

Try it:

Run it locally: Read the guide

Associated Repositories

  1. Frontend website (Nuxt/Vue) - This repository
  2. .NETCore Web API -
  3. C# Azure Functions -


Why use

There are lots of link shorteners out there, but none like We are different in a few ways...

  1. No automatic redirect: Our competition provides short links, but they obfuscate where you will actually go which can be dangerous; so doesn't automatically redirect you, but you go to a landing page where you can see the destination before you choose to go there.

  2. Aggregate links: Because we have a landing page, you can actually create one short link that goes to multiple different places, meaning you can send a group of dashboards or news stories with one succinct link.

  3. Comments: Visitors to our site can choose to add comments to a link you share with them, they could use this to give you feedback or discuss with others.

  4. Reports: Scammers often use our competition because they can trick people into visiting unsafe websites, so has a reporting capability which lets you know if somebody has reported the link as unsafe, before you click on it.

  5. Privacy focused: We don't want to harvest your information, so we don't have an account system, you don't need to sign in or give any of your data away. We gather the minimum amount of analytics information to ensure we deliver a robust service.

  6. Free: We don't intend to make any revenue from, that means no premium plans or paid addons. We don't sell data that we collect either, it is run simply to deliver a really useful website to those who want it.

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