A collection of commands for manipulating Vim's lists
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lister.vim is a collection of commands for manipulating and moving between lists.

Quickfix list and Location list

:Qgrep {pattern} will narrow down the quickfix list to results with a message matching the given pattern. :Qgrep! {pattern} will narrow down the results to those whose message does not match the given pattern.

Similarly, :Qfilter {pattern} will narrow the quickfix list to results with a filename matching the given pattern (and :Qfilter! for the inverse).

For the location list, there are :Lgrep and :Lfilter commands.

The {pattern} argument is always a Vim-flavoured regex.

Argument list

:Agrep [arguments] runs :grep [arguments] on the files in the argument list. If provided, ! is passed directly to :grep. This causes the quickfix list to be populated, but Vim does not move to the first item.

:Afilter {pattern} narrows the argument list to those with a filename matching {pattern}. :Afilter! does the same, but where filenames do not match a pattern.

Moving between types of lists

:Qargs populates the argument list with a unique set of files from the quickfix list. Similar for :Largs, but with the location list.

:Sargs will convert all of the windows in the current tab page into a local argument list.