[Retired-WordPress-Envato] A simple WordPress plugin used to demonstrate unit testing in the context of WordPress projects.
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Hello Reader

Hello Reader is a simple plugin used to demonstrate unit testing in a WordPress environment. The plugin is being written for Envato's Tuts+ Network and relies on the following projects

  • PHPUnit by Sebastian Bergmann
  • WordPress-Tests by Nikolay Bachiyski. Note that WordPress-Tests are already included with this plugin.


Note that this plugin is no longer under development and has been completed with the companion series of articles.

  1. Clone the repository or extract the archive to your wp-content/plugins directory
  2. Verify that the plugin is available in your Plugins dashboard


1.0 (2012.07.11)

  • Final version.
  • Updated README - linked to source articles.

0.2 (2012.06.11)_

  • Final version. Includes a fully-functional, commented plugin, along with associated unit tests.

0.1 (2012.06.11)

  • Initial commit. Includes skeleton plugin, skeleton unit test, and WordPress Test dependencies.