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A Flask micro-blog for chronicling my homebrewing misadventures.
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Carboy, a sister of the Alva ideablog, is a nanoblog application built using the Flask Python framework. Because who really needs another Tumblr?

It is highly customized, but was originally based on the basic flaskr tutorial, styled using Twitter's Bootstrap CSS framework.

What have I added?

  • Permalinks for each blog post
  • A model to collect beer recipes, in addition to narrative blog posts
  • A fully functional entry admin using Flask-Peewee
  • A secure auth system, with password hashing, using Flask-Peewee
  • Database persistence using PostgreSQL
  • Interaction with the database using the Peewee ORM instead of straight SQL
  • Easy hosting for the application on Heroku

The development of this application is ongoing, but you can see a live version deployed at

The current alpha version is 0.6.0.

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