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Debian Packaging Template

There are a million of these scattered around the net. There's nothing special about this one. Still, feel free to put it to good use. Keep in mind: this is designed for debhelper >= 8.


Clone this repo somewhere on your machine and copy the debian directory into the root of your project. Don't submodule it - you'll need a unique debian directory for each of your projects.

Once you have a copy, you need to edit the following files:


In most cases, you won't need to do much more than change the project name in each of these files, especially if you're using Python's DistUtils to manage the actual installation process.

Project Naming

Naming is important - and it must be consistent across all of the packaging files in the debian folder. You will see "project-name" used in both debian/control and debian/changelog; you will need to change it in both locations, wherever it is used. There is some in-line documentation to help you.


If your project provides a service, an init script template is available as debian/project.init. If you rename it, make sure that you change the references in debian/rules.

Post-install Configuration

If you need to do any kind of post-install configuration, use the debian/project.postinst file. You will need to rename this to match the name of the project, as defined in debian/control.