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An API Playground.

  • Great for demonstrating an API's functionality
  • Useful for doing story acceptance when developing an API
  • Gives pretty-printed output and the browser saves your input making it easy to reuse


Add the wurl_engine gem to your Gemfile:

gem 'wurl_engine'

Use the built-in rake tasks to copy the migrations to your app and migrate your db:

rake wurl_engine:install:migrations
rake db:migrate

Then in your main app's routes.rb file, add this to make the wurl_engine routable:

mount WurlEngine::Engine => "/wurl", :as => "wurl_engine"

Finally, look at your new API playground by starting your rails server and hitting up the right URL:


Customize Wurl to Match Your Application

Rails Mountable Engines make it easy to override or extend many parts of Wurl. If you need to override a method, view or partial, create the corresponding file in your main app directory and it will be used instead.

  • Controllers & Helpers: See Engines::RailsExtensions::Dependencies for more information.
  • Views: now handled almost entirely by ActionView itself (see Engines::Plugin#add_plugin_view_paths for more information)

For instance, you may want to change the overall presentation layout of Wurl to match your app. To do so, simply create a new application.html.haml in the corresponding directory your main app:

_ my-app
\_ app
  \_ views
      \_ wurl_engine
        \_ application.html.haml

Wurl is inspired by hurl, and the Apigee Console

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