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A Java library for using the MediaWiki API.

Is it ready yet?

Hell no.


Wikipedia bot authors need good libraries. Most libraries aren't up to scratch. I'd like to try and build one that doesn't suck too much, in Java.

Ideally, the core will be written in Java and there will be a variety of libraries available to wrap around JMediaWiki to make it work better in Scala, Clojure or other languages.

Can I help?

Yes. Please do. Recommended developer setup is Eclipse and Maven. You'll need Project Lombok installed in Eclipse: follow the installation instructions on the Lombok website (don't worry, it's easy).

Please write tests for everything you add. That way we can refactor it to make it not suck. JavaDocs are nice too.

Contact details

Tom Morris - -


Copyright © Tom Morris, 2012. All rights reserved (for now).

I will decide a license very soon. Whatever I decide, it'll be good. It'll most likely be something like MIT or BSD.

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