libnotify autotesting for Scala with Specs
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sbt-notifytest: libnotify autotesting for Scala with Specs

I'm using Scala with simple-build-tool and Specs. In Ruby, there is a tool
called ZenTest autotest which does what sbt ~ test does (i.e. runs a test loop
every time you save a file). It has one main advantage which is that it can use
Growl (the OS X notification library) to tell you whether your tests have
passed or failed. This is the only way I find that I can do TDD - having to
alt-tab all day and inspect the output isn't fun. And IDEs are just... no way.
Vim or TextMate^WSciTE please.

sbt-notifytest is a Python script which invokes `sbt "~ test"` and monitors the
output. It offers three types of libnotify notification - either "Tests pass",
"Compilation failed; tests didn't run" or "Tests fail". Unlike the Growl
version, we use the standard GNOME icons for errors and information. They are a
bit dull, but they work.

Dependencies: Python 2.4+, libnotify, pynotify

The original is sbt-growltest which uses OS X's Growl: