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Scala QuickRef

I want one. Other people want one. So let's write one. A quickref is a "dense
but easy navigated guides provide easily forgotten information about the most
frequently used features of a language" (Payne, 2009)

Please report omissions and errors to <> or to my GitHub
issue tracker. Or just, y'know, fix 'em and send a patch.

English please. Except where it's Scala or XHTML. HTML/XML encode Unicode

Please be concise. This is Scala, not Java. ;-)

Please use two space soft tab indents. Consider html, head and body outside of
the indentation hierarchy.

Feel free to hyperlink to particularly useful further reading after each

In each section, please refer to the relevant section of the main Scala books -
Artima's book by Odersky et al., O'Reilly's book by Wampler and Payne, and
Apress' book by David Pollak. Use the 'book' class on the relevant paragraph of

Limit line length to 80.

If you need to assign class names or IDs, please use lower-case semantic,
(non-presentational) class names and IDs. Don't use Hungarian notation.
Separate multiple words with hyphens (e.g. "regex-syntax").

If in doubt, take guidance from the QuickRefs for Python and Ruby at
<> and

As we define class names for the document, list them below.

books -- lists books of relevance for the current section.
package -- (for use on 'var' elements) lists a package.
recursive -- for abbr/acronym elements that contain a recursive acronym like
  GNU. This one is fun and not at all necessary.

If you include code in any language other than Scala, put the language name as
a class name on the code element (e.g. "ruby", "php", "python" etc.).

If you are working on the QuickRef, add any music you are funking out to our
collaborative Spotify playlist. :-)

---------------------- [Payne 2009]