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Okay, here's the deal. Over the weekend, I saw that Molly Holzschlag (molly.com, @mollydotcom on Twitter) was having a really shitty time.

Molly has always been a good friend. One of her many books taught me HTML, and unlike a lot of pompous douchebags, she has always given people the time of day. It sucks when depression and the general darkness of life strikes at a really nice person.

So I just wanted to say thank you to Molly for being a great teacher and a good person. If you feel likewise, feel free to sign the card.

The site is at thankyoumolly.com

You can sign it by forking, adding your message and then sending a pull request.

To sign the card, simply create a section in the HTML file. Like this...

<section class="signatory" id="YOURNAME">

Stick your CSS in stylesheets/yourname.css

Feel free to design the shit out of your particular section. Put your own message, then style it as you see fit.

I keep the CSS files separate, so I can validate each one. build.sh just concatenates all the CSS files together.

Please write good HTML, good CSS and be nice.

Don't speak the markup?

Feel free to send an email: tom@tommorris.org with the subject line "thankyoumolly.com" and I'll add yours in with a plain boring style.