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<title>Thank you, Molly</title>
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<section class="lede">
<h1>Thank you, Molly</h1>
<a href="">Molly</a>,
Hope you are feeling better.
You've taught us important things about the Web: about HTML, CSS,
accessibility, browsers. It's hard to overestimate the number of us
whose lives you have affected with your writing, your advocacy, your
enthusiasm and your kindness.
Anyone who has met you can't help but like you. This is just to say,
we're thinking about you.
<section class="signatory" id="tommorris">
You are one of the few people who treats everyone you meet, no matter
how much of a noob they are when you first meet them, with love and
You make the Web better by being here.
<p class="sign">&mdash; <a href="">Tom Morris</a></p>
<section class="signatory" id="mfujica">
I don't know you, but one of the first book I saw on CSS was "The ZEN of CSS" and I have to say it just made it look "possible" for me to learn it. Well, it was possible, I now have learnt it. Don't give up because everything is possible.
Thank you,
<p class="sign">&mdash; <a href="">Morena Fiore</a></p>
<section class="signatory" id="myfreeweb">
<h1>Molly, thank you.</h1>
You make the Web kinder. You made me think about all the things. Like accessibility.
I mean, accessibility is the most compassionate thing we can do as web developers. I don't know when a blind person will visit my website, but I imagine how happy they'll be.
<p class="sign"><span>&mdash; <a href="">greg</a></span></p>
<section class="signatory" id="hadleybeeman">
Dear Molly
Thank you, for everything. As a woman in the open web community, you
are someone I look up to – because you have been so amazing, just doing
your thing. Being who you are. Your passion for the things you care
about, the unselfconscious way you present yourself, the community
you've helped nurture and create simply by being one of the kindest and
friendliest people in it... You've made a big difference. Both to the
Web and to me as a person.
I know you've been having a rough time, and I'm sending love and
thoughts of peace. I wish I could do more. But even outside of that,
it's nice to have the opportunity to say: thank you for being
<a href="">Hadley</a>
<section class="signatory" id="Ian Forrester">
Thank you Molly for everything you've done and will ever do.
You are a true inspiration to all the web and I am humbled to not only share time with you during 3 London geekdinners.
But to also interview you and share your birthday one night in London's Brick Lane.
There is no one I know who is as outspoken and real about the web than yourself.
Your enthasism was/is/always will be infectious and I look forward to seeing you again soon.
In a world which is unfair and good things don't get the attention they deserve,
you always stood out for having such a massive heart and your take me as I am lifestyle.
Something I also adopted after meeting you.
And I feel like owe you greatly for not only that but bringing people together!
<p><a href="" title="Molly drops in for lunch at Backstage by cubicgarden, on Flickr"><img src="" width="240" height="180" alt="Molly drops in for lunch at Backstage"></a></p>
Your friend forever, <a href="">cubicgarden</a> - <a href="">Ian Forrester</a>
<section class="signatory" id="arfon">
<p>Molly, quite simply - I can't imagine the web without you.</p>
<p>Your friend, <a href="">Arfon</a></p>
<section class="signatory" id="pekingspring">
<p>Hi Molly, ditto what Arfon said :)</p>
<p>Your enthusiasm for the web has been an inspiration and I felt quite honoured to finally meet you at Standards.Next. I hope everything is getting better.</p>
<p><a href="" title="Jim and Molly by brucelawson, on Flickr"><img src="" width="240" height="180" alt="Molly &amp; Jim"></a></p>
<p>Thank you<br><a href="">Jim</a></p>
<section class="signatory" id="jenmyers">
Molly, I met you in person at a conference in Columbus, Ohio a couple of years ago, and you were
the first (and only) person I've ever met at a conference who talks more and faster than I do. :)
My favorite people are the ones with so much enthusiasm and passion it just bubbles out of them.
You impressed me with not only your own enthusiasm and passion but your sincere interest in sharing
it with others. You were unfailingly kind, approachable and authentic. I admire not only the work
you do but the unique way in which you do it. And we can never have too many women in this field
willing to be visible and speak their minds as you do. Stay strong and know how much we appreciate
all you've done to inspire us.
<p class="sign">&mdash; <a href="">Jen Myers</a></p>
<section class="signatory" id="YOURNAME">
<p>Hey babe, you were there for me. I'm always here for you. Trust me, I know life ain't all we want it to be sometimes, but, I dunno, we're here for some reason. So, my new approach is to make sure I take every chance to live it MY way, even if everyone else thinks I'm bonkers. After all, the best people are. (Alice in Wonderland movie line - remember?</p>
<p>Bonkers to Bonkers, lotsa love! MUAH!</p>
<p class="sign">&mdash; <a href="">Jen, aka InkPixelsPaper</a></p>
<section class="signatory" id="leeky">
<p>I first met you at a London Geek Dinner several years ago, and from then on was known as your "root vegetable friend".
You always made me feel welcome and that my opinion counted. I fondly remember an afternoon in London stood outside the
Bricklayer's Arms followed by a very large Chinese meal in the evening!</p>
<p>Your passion for the web has been an inspiration to me, and probably one of the reasons I decided to give back in my own small way, and get involved with the local geek community, running events and the like.</p>
<p>Wishing you a speedy recovery...<p>
<p align="right"><strong>Your friend,<br /><a href="">Leeky</a></strong></p>
<section class="signatory" id="nicferrier">
<p>You and I have never met. But I've read stuff you've written and I've benefitted from it. It is good.
That's enough for me to say Thank You. So: Thank you.</p>
<p>&mdash; <a href="">Nic Ferrier</a></p>
<section class="signatory" id="kazuhito">
<p>I learned so much from you, especially about web standards and web
accessibility, through your blog posts, your books, your
presentations. Not only about technical things, but also I learned
that it's important to be positive and constructive, sometimes it's
really difficult though. I can't express my gratitude to you well ...
but anyway, thank you Molly.</p>
<p>&mdash; Kazuhito Kidachi</p>
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