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<a href="">Hadley</a>
+ <section class="signatory" id="Ian Forrester">
+ <p>
+ Thank you Molly for everything you've done and will ever do.
+ You are a true inspiration to all the web and I am humbled to not only share time with you during 3 London geekdinners.
+ But to also interview you and share your birthday one night in London's Brick Lane.
+ </p>
+ <p>
+ There is no one I know who is as outspoken and real about the web than yourself.
+ Your enthasism was/is/always will be infectious and I look forward to seeing you again soon.
+ </p>
+ <p>
+ In a world which is unfair and good things don't get the attention they deserve,
+ you always stood out for having such a massive heart and your take me as I am lifestyle.
+ Something I also adopted after meeting you.
+ And I feel like owe you greatly for not only that but bringing people together!
+ </p>
+ <p><a href="" title="Molly drops in for lunch at Backstage by cubicgarden, on Flickr"><img src="" width="240" height="180" alt="Molly drops in for lunch at Backstage"></a></p>
+ <p>
+ Your friend forever, <a href="">cubicgarden</a> - <a href="">Ian Forrester</a>
+ </p>
+ </section>
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