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+Okay, here's the deal. Over the weekend, I saw that Molly Holzschlag
+(, @mollydotcom on Twitter) was having a really shitty time.
+Molly has always been a good friend. One of her many books taught me
+HTML, and unlike a lot of pompous douchebags, she has always given
+people the time of day. It sucks when depression and the general
+darkness of life strikes at a really nice person.
+So I just wanted to say thank you to Molly for being a great teacher
+and a good person. If you feel likewise, feel free to sign the card.
+I've registered and will put up a signed card on
+there in the next few days.
+You can sign it by forking, adding your message and then sending
+a pull request.
To sign the card, simply create a section in the HTML file. Like this...
<section class="signatory" id="YOURNAME">
Stick your CSS in stylesheets/yourname.css
-I keep the CSS files separate, so I can validate each one.
+Feel free to design the shit out of your particular section. Put your
+own message, then style it as you see fit.
+I keep the CSS files separate, so I can validate each one.
+just concatenates all the CSS files together.
Please write good HTML, good CSS and be nice.

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