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Just for now

@@ -134,6 +134,12 @@ <h1>Molly, thank you.</h1>
<p class="sign">&mdash; <a href="">Jen Myers</a></p>
+ <section class="signatory" id="YOURNAME">
+ <p>Hey babe, you were there for me. I'm always here for you. Trust me, I know life ain't all we want it to be sometimes, but, I dunno, we're here for some reason. So, my new approach is to make sure I take every chance to live it MY way, even if everyone else thinks I'm bonkers. After all, the best people are. (Alice in Wonderland movie line - remember?</p>
+ <p>Bonkers to Bonkers, lotsa love! MUAH!</p>
+ <p class="sign">&mdash; <a href="">Jen, aka InkPixelsPaper</a></p>
+ </section>
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