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Detect complex indels from next-generation sequencing reads
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Detect complex indels from next-generation sequencing reads

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INDELseek algorithm (Au et al. BMC Genomics 2017 18:16 Figure 1) INDELseek algorithm

Dependencies, as tested on 64-bit CentOS 5.5

Usage analyzes SAM alignments in plain text to call complex indels in VCF format. Users are recommeneded to focus on a single BAM file and a small region at a time (e.g. a single PCR amplicon or single exon of protein-coding gene). Please refer to the following example to scale up the analysis to multiple BAM files and genomic regions in parallel.

samtools view bam region | ./ [options]

  • bam: indexed BAM alignment file
  • region: 1-based position coordinates, e.g. amplicon chr4:55589744-55589911. For details please refer to documentation of samtools view.
  • standard output (STDOUT): variant calls in VCF version 4.1


  • --refseq FILE: indexed reference genome in FASTA format [ucsc.hg19.fasta]
  • --samtools FILE: path to samtools executable [samtools]
  • --max_distance INT: maximum distance of two variants to be considered together as a complex indel [5]
  • --quality_threshold INT: complex indels with mean read base quality score below INT are marked LowQual [20]
  • --skip_lowqual: skip LowQual complex indel calls in output
  • --min_depth INT: complex indels with depth (forward and reverse reads with the complex indel) below INT are marked LowDepth [50]
  • --skip_lowdepth: skip LowDepth complex indel calls in output
  • --min_af FLOAT: complex indels with allele frequendcy below FLOAT are marked LowAF [0]
  • --skip_lowaf: skip LowAF complex indel calls in output
  • --depth_bam FILE: indexed BAM alignment file is needed for allele frequency calculation
  • --phredoffset INT: read base quality score encoding offset. Example: 33 for Illumina 1.8+ or Sanger, 64 for Illumina 1.3+ / 1.5+ or Solexa. ( [33]


# Any complex indel in KIT exon 8 with minimum allele frequency 2%?
# (Actual output of sample 10 described in manuscript)
samtools view sample.bam chr4:55589744-55589911 | ./ --skip_lowqual --skip_lowdepth --skip_lowaf --min_af 0.02 --depth_bam sample.bam | tee sample.complexindel.vcf
##INFO=<ID=DP2,Number=2,Type=Integer,Description="# alt-foward and alt-reverse reads">
##INFO=<ID=QS2,Number=2,Type=Float,Description="Mean quality scores of alt-foward and alt-reverse bases">
##INFO=<ID=AF,Number=1,Type=Float,Description="Allele Frequency">
##INFO=<ID=RDP,Number=1,Type=Float,Description="Mean read depth of REF positions">
##FILTER=<ID=LowAF,Description="AF below 0.02">
##FILTER=<ID=LowDepth,Description="ALT depth below 50">
##FILTER=<ID=LowQual,Description="Mean quality scores below 20 or ALT contains N">
chr4	55589768	.	CTTACGACA	AACCTC	35.63	PASS	DP2=857,752;QS2=37.44,33.56;AF=0.119;RDP=13525.3
chr4	55589767	.	ACTTACGACA	GGATGGAACT	36.33	PASS	DP2=251,203;QS2=37.37,35.04;AF=0.033;RDP=13651.1
chr4	55589766	.	GACTTACGA	TTTCCG	35.76	PASS	DP2=208,184;QS2=37.46,33.83;AF=0.029;RDP=13724.2
chr4	55589769	.	TTACGACA	CTCCT	35.68	PASS	DP2=151,125;QS2=37.61,33.35;AF=0.021;RDP=13376.0

# Speed up complex indel detection in list of BAM files and genomic regions by GNU Parallel
parallel --tag "samtools view {1} {2} | --skip_lowqual --skip_lowdepth --skip_lowaf --min_af 0.02 --depth_bam {1}" ::: *.bam :::: region.list | grep -v "#" >


INDELseek algorithm

Example studies that used INDELseek

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