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* Retjilp configuration file.
* Change this to reflect your setup
* Consumer key and secret.
* Get this by registering a new (desktop) application at
"consumer_key": "abcdeFghIjklMnOpQrStUv",
"consumer_secret": "abcdefgh123456789abcdefgh123456789abcdefg",
* The strings that a tweet should be matched against.
* These strings are matched in lower case.
"match": ["#sometag", "#someothertag", "someword"],
* The strings that a tweet should not contain.
"forbidden": ["sex", "viagra"],
* The number of max retweets available in each cycle
* and the number of allowed retweets per each user
"max_retweets": 100,
"max_retweets_per_user": 2
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