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Makes a full backup of a SmugMug account
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SmugMug backup

Makes a full backup of a SmugMug account (images and videos are supported).

The program loops over the images and videos of the user's albums and saves them in the destination folder, replicating the SmugMug paths.

You can run the app multiple times, all exising files will be skipped if their sizes match.

Note on multiple runs

The app skips existing files but doesn't check their sizes. So if you interrupt a running execution of the program while it's saving a file, it will exist but will also probably be corrupted.

I'd like to manage this situation, but in the meanwhile when you interrupt an execution, take notes of the last files shown in the console and check if they're valid, deleting them otherwise.


SmugMug requires OAuth1 authentication. OAuth1 requires 4 values: API key and secret you can get from SmugMug registering the app (they're generic for the app) and user token and secret each user must obtain (they authorize the app to access the user's data).

Obtain API keys

Apply for an API key:

You'll get an API key and secret, save them as environment variables:

export API_KEY="<key>"
export API_SECRET="<secret>"

Obtain Tokens

The get_tokens folder contains a script from SmugMug to obtain OAuth1 tokens. You need to create a config.json file with your API key/secret using example.json as example. Then, using a python3 environment, run The script will show you a link you must open with your browser. SmugMug will give you a 6-digit code you must then paste to the console prompt. That's the last step, the console will show the user token and secret. Export them:

export USER_TOKEN="<token>"
export USER_SECRET="<secret>"

Build and install

To build and install the program:

go get
cd $GOPATH/src/
go install


With all the four environment variables set, you can run the program with:

$GOPATH/bin/smugmug-backup -user <username> -destination <path of downloads>

I suggest to add $GOPATH/bin to the $PATH so you can avoid writing the full path of the program.

Run without install

go run *.go -user <username> -destination <path of downloads>


OAuth1 signature has been heavily inspired by

The code in the get_tokens folder is a copy of

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