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Collection of two pure Python image capture scripts from the Raspberry Pi forums
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Modifications of brainflakes' sterling work implementing motion in Python original script by brainflakes, improved by pageauc, peewee2 and Kesthal

Use raspi-config to enable camera support if necessary:

 sudo raspi-config

Install the prerequisites:

sudo apt-get install python-imaging-tk

Copy the init script into place

git clone  ""
cd RPIPythonMotion
sudo cp pymotion /etc/init.d/pymotion
sudo cp default_pymotion /etc/default/pymotion

Make the Output directory:

mkdir /home/pi/MOTION/

Copy the picam binary into place:

sudo cp /usr/local/bin/

Enable the init script:

sudo insserv pymotion
sudo /etc/init.d/pymotion start

Alternate (better) script

JBeale and waveform80 have written a very fast implementation which produces B&W images very quickly. Assuming you have done the above steps (namely putting the init script in place, and running insserv).: Stop pymotion and install the prereqs:

sudo /etc/init.d/pymotion stop
sudo apt-get install python-opencv python-numpy python-picamera

Copy the new Python script in place over /usr/local/bin/

cd /home/pi/RPiPythonMotion
sudo cp /usr/local/bin/

Restart pymotion:

sudo /etc/init.d/pymotion start
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